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Discussion Forum : General Topics : Kent Hovind: The Real Story Behind His Incarceration

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 Re: Kent Hovind, serial fraud

I have decided to change my reply as I don’t want to cause any strife. I can see by Mr Baliset's blog that he does not like Kent Hovind or Ken Ham, neither does he believe in a biblical view of creation.

I still stand by my second post on page one in regards to Kent Hovind

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Sydney, Australia


No, I do not like this Ken "Ape" Ham. I do not like him, Sam I Am.

... Sorry, don't know what came over me there.

I always regret posting on boards like this to bring a little evidence-based critique to the table. My tinfoil-hat detector always goes off the scale and people defending Hovind end up saying things that make the rest of us cringe in embarrassment.

I shan't bother you further.

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 Re: Kent Hovind: The Real Story Behind His Incarceration

I really apprecite the work that Kent has done over the years in revealing the wonder and majesty in Gods creation. I have been on the fence regarding the reported details of the issues Kent has been facing with the legal issues he faced.
After reading the article posted by Ricky, I tend to see a man who seems to have been doing a lot of ducking and weaving behind legal manouvering to avoid accounting for his finances. Seems to me that at anytime during these proceedings, a little disclosure, cooperation would have gone a long way in resolving this issue before Kent ended up in prison..Blessings Greg


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 Re: Kent Hovind Real Story

I have read both the actual court proceedings and Mr. Hovind's "Real Story". Sadly, as much as I would like to side with Mr. Hovind, and view this as persecution I cannot. Paul, who wrote the entire book of Galatians also had Timothy circumcised so that he could further the work of the Kingdom. The only law or command that the apostles ever violated outright was that which forbade them to preach Christ. The took their beatings, suffered the penalty and were killed. However, in Mr. Hovind's case, he should have paid the fine and applied for the permit. Permits are not shady forms of revenue for the state, they are put in place to ensure code compliance as well as public and personal safety. Even Jesus, for the sake of not offending, had Peter pay taxes for them both.

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No wonder Americans are losing their freedoms when I read the responses of Americans on this post by Hovind.

This one issue alone would make it impossible for me to join a church that is incorporated with a satanic government: the sanctioned slaughter of millions of unborn children by the state and/or government.

This far transcends Hovind paying taxes on a creation museum or not.

Funny how no one wants to address that 501c3 churches are indeed corporations of the state.

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Funny how no one wants to address that 501c3 churches are indeed corporations of the state.

I agree... I posted a link earlier on this...

There's an excellent book on it titled, The Trail of Blood Revisited, by Greg Dixon.

 2012/2/26 19:39Profile

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