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I do not think we are to far off in this thread, maybe in emphasis only. I have not heard the Lord tell me to change continents, but he did call me to flee from the harlot church system in america. I have read some of rookies stuff - I am not sure if I am looking at the thread you are talking about though. Do you have a link?

In Christ -Jim

 2012/2/10 23:04

 Re: Original post re the super bowl event etc.

Going back to the original post:

"Wake up brethren your country is heading for a great judgment. I say it with tears and a heart for The USA"

This is where the questions start. Is America heading for judgment because of Madonna or because of its christendom?

In Christ -Jim

 2012/2/10 23:12

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Well that's a start to understand the state of the church system,

I usually always dig deeper and eventually discover the base bottom line of all system components involved

Rookies post where he started talking about moving locations, againts logic and pay check benefits is the one dated 2011/12/11

when I think back, I also had a training in "moving" so when the call came, I wasn't overwhelmed by the task to actually do it on a larger scale. So far it worked out great, Jesus not only commands, he is also very active in providing. I had no specific expectations, however am very impressed with the kind and regularity of His provsions, it's hardly comphrendable by my logic. Praise the Lord !

P.S. "Is America heading for judgment because of Madonna or because of its christendom?"

What does the scriptures give us as a reason for Babylon's fall? Did you ever check...that's how I got confirmation. It fits very well, now that I could compare the basic mentality with that of Europeans and Asians. The original poster hinted at that, but I'm sure most Americans cannot actually understand it, because you never went outside the country. It's true, America is an extreme place and more worldly than any other part of the world. Sodom & Gom. could have learned a few tricks from the US and how to take it to a global level. Don't forget the cultural export of the content package all over the globe, including a softened down gospel that not actually saves anyone. Just to rescue the real gospel Jesus must intervene at a point in time. I only could see that with my new perspective and after talking a lot with believers in other parts of the world, they are very different in many respects.

 2012/2/10 23:51Profile


There won't be anywhere on earth to run 'to'.

Jeremiah warned Israel that they were going into captivity.
Later he brings up the Babylon of the last days.
GOD showed him ahead of time what that new Babylon would be like "in those days".

What's been on my heart is that, Paul said that he buffeted his body to bring it into subjection.
WE are going to go into captivity - but not just the U.S. but eventually the whole world will have to decide whether to take a mark in order to buy or sell.

I find that Paul's suggestion to bring our own bodies under subjection is excellent preparation for captivity.
I had a fear of sleeping on the floor, because my back hurt if I did - so I slept on the floor, by faith.
I believe in doing this with every fear that comes at me, because how many times do we need to hear about, food shortages, detention camps, etc. before we finally take these things seriously?
I don't see Jeremiah telling his people to be ostriches and to keep their heads stuck in the ground, but to "get ready".

 2012/2/11 0:01

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We can run into our "Strong Tower".

I refuse to walk in fear and worry about the future. I refuse to listen to prophets of doom that set dates.

I have passed from death into life.

Every century has had its troubles. If you walk in fear you are only going to think about yourself.

He that would seek to save his life will lose it. And many Christians today are doing everything they can to save their lives.

Do you remember Corrie Ten Boom's sister in the Concentration camp? She only thought about others. Remember Corrie? At first she was full of fear and rage and had to bring all that to the cross. Her sister showed her Christ and eventually Corrie saw Christ, too.

He melts away all of our fears. We walk in victory whether we have much or whether we have little. He is the Victor over Babylon and the Great Harlot.

His peace to all,

 2012/2/11 0:13Profile


"He that would seek to save his life will lose it. And many Christians today are doing everything they can to save their lives. "

Pilgrim - these are my exact same thoughts. I wrote this almost two years ago.

A rebuke to Christian Conspiracy Theorists
February 20, 2010

For the LORD spoke thus to me with a strong hand, and instructed me that I should not walk in the way of this people, saying: “ Do not say, ‘A conspiracy,’ Concerning all that this people call a conspiracy, Nor be afraid of their threats, nor be troubled. The LORD of hosts, Him you shall hallow; Let Him be your fear, And let Him be your dread. He will be as a sanctuary, But a stone of stumbling and a rock of offense To both the houses of Israel, As a trap and a snare to the inhabitants of Jerusalem. And many among them shall stumble; They shall fall and be broken, Be snared and taken. ~ Isaiah 8:11-15 NKJV

The Illuminati, New World Order, FEMA death camps… having a website named “Flee Babylon”, I certainly have been contacted by many professing Christians that are obsessed with end time conspiracy theories. Let me first say that this post is NOT intended to contradict any of these popular topics. In fact, I believe there are some truths in these matters. My main contention rather is with the unbiblical obsession with these topics that do little to mortify the sinful members or produce the life of Christ in any believer.

Then He said to them all, “If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow Me. For whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will save it. ~ Luke 9:23-24 NKJV

Believing in the “end times” does not make you a believer in Christ. Following the latest conspiracy theories does not make you a follower of Jesus. As I responded to one email that asked me about large quantities of black coffins being stored in a major US city… “What about the black coffins in your own heart”. We are commanded to love our neighbor, turn from greed, hatred, pride, lust, and to love the Lord with all of our hearts; we are never commanded to become obsessed with conspiracy theories. Conspiracy theories revolve around the fear of man and government. I think many professing Christians obsess about these things because they refuse the cross now in times of peace. They are at ease in Zion and fear anything that will disturb them on their comfortable beds of ivory. For now they can convince themselves that they are following Christ, but what about when the choice has to be made to be killed or accept the mark? That day cannot be prepared for by simply storing up food and water or watching the national news. We must feed on bread from heaven and drink living waters and watch our own hearts if we are to stand for Christ in that day. Christ is still a rock of offense to those who claim to believe His Gospel but live their lives by avoiding the cross at any price.

“And I say to you, My friends, do not be afraid of those who kill the body, and after that have no more that they can do. But I will show you whom you should fear: Fear Him who, after He has killed, has power to cast into hell; yes, I say to you, fear Him! ~ Luke 12:4-5 NKJV

 2012/2/11 0:19

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This world is not my home anymore.


Pilgrim - these are my exact same thoughts. I wrote this almost two years ago.

A rebuke to Christian Conspiracy Theorists
February 20, 2010

This is definitely a word from the Lord! Thank you for sharing it.

God bless,


 2012/2/11 0:35Profile


Only the ostriches - those who's eschatology is warped by choice and those who's spiritual eyesight of the times we're living is intentionally blurred, will be "fearful", unbelieving and will compromise in the days ahead.


 2012/2/11 1:12

 Re: Babylon & Mystery Babylon & Madonna

I have to say that I am heartened to read some of the posts which a-servant fired up when he wrote about NYC/America and Babylon. My eyes are firmly fixed on Jerusalem and Rome. However, some years ago (10) I began to realise that the USA was very babylonian in some of its principle characteristics. Of course, in reality of historical fact, the ancient city of Babylon was the very epitome of that spiritual enterprise. What we all now refer to simply as Babylon or Mystery Babylon is at once both real and a mystery. Given that I had for the previous 17 years looked to Rome the city as mystery babylon I was for a little while quiet confused. Although I was at peace. It is true that America has enough sound prophets for God's purposes in America. But here are a few of my personal meditations on America, given that I am called to go to Jerusalem and Rome in the end and not to the USA.

The ancient city of Babylon was at the time of Daniel the most administrated city in the world. Not only did it have an advanced system of administration but even the kings of Babylon were subject to the rule of law. At first Daniel was persecuted for refusing to worship the image, which was the law. And he was tried by fire. Only then did God the true God receive His righteous praise. When Daniel was thrown into the lions den even stranger things appear, the king lays on the ground and says to Daniel may your God preserve you Daniel. Nebuchadnezzar was given the name King of Righteousness, which we know is a name of Christ. His conduct and willingness to protect Daniel, whom he called the greatest of sorcerers (Belteshazzar) is eveident by Daniel's successes in preparing a place for the exile of Israel seventy years later. Nebuchadnezzar wasn't particularly wise or well informed when it came to the things of God. However, he was, after the furnace, willing to protect Daniel according to God's will and he did so. Daniel lived to a great age and died in Babylon.

All prophets of God must know how to speak according to God's will to those whom God has called them to speak too. If a man says 'I am a prophet' and he isn't, then he is not a false prophet he is simply a liar. However, when a true prophet speaks according to his own imagination or according to what men want to hear, then he is a false prophet. True and false is not simply about God's calling it is about hearing God or hearing one's own soul and the will of other men. The gospel of Christ is the spirit of prophecy. So as matter of spiritual reality all who are born again of the Spirit of God are able to prophecy. If they seek that gift of prophecy. The ministry of the prophet according to Paul to the church at Ephesus is an appointed ministry of the Word of Christ in distinction to the gift which is by the will of the Holy Spirit.

When a-servant spoke about NYC/America he was speaking out of his own calling. He is a servant in The USA. What else should he speak about!

To question it is wrong unless you can demonstrate that a-servant is false. I think his remarks are sincerely given and are true in as much as they are real for America. Rome is another matter.

As to America's real condition you should ask yourselves (US citizens) how many presidents of the USA have taken the name of the Lord as their own? Also examine what a profound influence America has had since the 2nd world war on all nations because of her great wealth and power of administration? Here likes wisdom not opinion or the striving after knowledge.

The USA won its right to be a nation by the shedding of her own blood and the suffering of her women and children. England lost her right to govern the former colony because of her own immorality at that time during the reign of the Georgian kings. By war, and by immorality are nations born and lost. Each one according to their own conduct and most especially because of God's will.

My heart has grown towards the USA in recent years because I have discerned that God cannot overlook her immorality, idolatry and the self seeking of her citizens. Only in the USA is a person constitutionally bound to seek their own satisfaction. If we love the law of God and in the Spirit we belong to Him through Christ's life, death and resurrection, then we can according to our own will seek after Christ, lose our souls and thereby gain our true satisfaction at His coming kingdom. For where the King is there is the Kingdom.

May almighty God bring about a great awakening in His servants in all places. England is no better than the USA. The greatest distinction though is that in the UK self seeking as a matter of legal right has only happened through the advent of the Court of Human Rights. The USA had this right the moment Mr. Washington and Mr Adams had finished their labours.

As for Madonna and the Super Bowl. Well what to say. She chose her name which means 'Mother of God'. and she lives a self seeking Babylonian lifestyle in all respects. She even selects her own children from among the nations. In the end she needs to be saved and come to a true knowledge of God as do all men. As a symbol her appearance, and her comments kindly supplied by a-servant, speak for themselves. Its not so important a point to contend over. She was a mere symbol.


 2012/2/11 5:11

 Re: My Entusiasm

I have made no less than 4 corrections to this post and feel a complete fool. On the other hand I am glad to have been given the opportunity to have done so. I say a fool because such mistakes as a mans name or a quote are foolish things in such important issues as these. My thanks to the moderators who have allowed this in their wisdom.

 2012/2/12 2:56

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