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Discussion Forum : Scriptures and Doctrine : Woman Teaching, Minor or Major doctrine?

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 Re: For Sister Jesus-is-God

The true "Spirit" or man of GOD will reverence and lift up The Word and jealously guard it ... not replace it with their own words.
That's been a true safeguard against being deceived by men or the enemy. A protection against deception and deceivers.

Sister JiG, The thread “The Cult of Bibicism” provides a helpful caution on this point. Robert’s post on “The Shape of Sola Scritpura” demonstrates how, historically, the zealous aim to guard biblical truth based on sola scriptura has resulted in countless divisions. The problem is that people defend their INTERPRETATION of the Word, believing they are defending the Word itself. I know you would wish to guard against that propensity!

I’m sure you have noticed this – even today:

There are those who are so sure they are right, that in their view, all who think differently are surely wrong - and even enemies of the Bible itself; they are surely using scripture for their own ends.......

And the mental thoughts may go like this: It can never be me who is wrong because I defend truth. What I feel is right.

Sis, I really admire your love for God’s truth. I intensely love the truth too. I know you would love this book: "How to Read the Bible for all its Worth” by Gordon Fee. This book is effective in guarding against subjectivity. I admit, it does me good to review it periodically.

No, I surely haven't forgotten anything that we've discussed.

I must say, my memory is not near as reliable! Oh… Might it be possible that your brother is concerned about something that you are not seeing – in spite of your strong feelings otherwise?



 2012/1/13 14:43Profile


When that brother can recognise that there are indeed MANY Brothers here and not "none" - then he'll answer my question regarding his accusations against me as well ... wouldn't you think that be only proper? I quoted his words - but those you didn't quote. The man feels that he's the only "brother" here - by his own words. And yes, I do remember every post or conversation I have ever had since being here - because my brain is wired in that way - to remember the things said by those I care about.

Regarding the thread on being grieved with these threads of late - twice you have called those that don't agree with you "grace builders" - firstly on this thread - so whom is judging whom?
Can't we disagree without being called names or being ostracized by even the people we once prayed with?
No Diane, it sounds righteous to be a type of emissary for diplomatic relations - but it's been biased here - as seen on this one thread alone.
Comradery exits between those who only believe the same.
Otherwise they're called "naysayers" [on this thread] - dogs and not saints on the legalist check list thread.

The "Love" is not genuine when it comes on the heels of name calling.

Secondly - on the 'grieving over the forum' thread - the reason some don't listen to the sermons offered, is because they have other ideas and others have trouble with some of these recent threads - is because they contradict the sermons they've heard here.

The message by Spurgeon that I posted on this previous page would have been called "legalism" if posted on the legalist-check-list thread if the author wasn't given. And merely by posting it - the chief judge of all men on this forum, questions why I praised the message.

One poster said on that thread - that some were speaking out of both sides of their mouths - I now agree.

Old-Joe knows nothing about me. The people at my Church know everything about me. The people on this forum know nothing except what they read into my and other's posts. And that's why I asked to be removed in 3/08 - because of the name calling by one who had no idea what any of us were living through or what we were like in person. He assumed he had some gift of discernment and name called many and got away with it, as if it were the most natural thing as breathing for him - but if any of us did it - we'd be banned - obviously.

I agree with whomever said that SermonIndex should be about the Sermons presented here - and as I said earlier this week, it's becoming more like OpinionIndex, as far as the forum goes.... though there are some scholarly Brothers who's writings that I would truly miss, if they stopped posting their own exhortations.

I tire of others opinions as much as some obviously tire of mine. I'd be more than willing to just discuss the sermons offered. I've downloaded more than two half computers full.
This forum cheapens not only His Word now, but the sermons offered as well.
When it comes to Bible exposition - I prefer Torrey and the like, and those that taught us how to exegete from the original languages - but thanks anyway.

If people need a platform for anything under the sun - except the person who may not have "the law" down as straight as maybe he should have or should have expressed - they have it here. I debated HRM folks for 2 yrs and the Brother here was not anywhere near as aggressive as those I was attacked by - as well as my computer, at that time. Those were vicious and powerful people - even calling in the FBI on other ministries on "hate crimes", that spoke against their teachings - so I am very familiar with some of that. The fellow here was meek compared to those we dealt with yrs back.

The character that literally cursed, flaunted his sin ad nauseum and upset many, was given all the platform that he abused and was permitted to [eta] and was received by members, until Greg finally saw him abuse the gentlest Sister on here - but one person that hadn't fully explained his view or her views on holiness or 'which' "commandments" they were defending - those of the O.T. or the many references to "commandments" that we find in our N.T., gets the rebuke without us trying harder to understand and reach a hand of love out to them but try saying "holiness as unto the LORD out of Love" on that legalist check list and what happened - "dogs as in not saints."

Spurgeon would not be welcomed on this forum now, nor would Torrey, Katz, Ravenhill, Tozer, etc - if they were alive and posting 'anonymously'.
That's how far removed it's become, from what this website was founded for and to promote.

Many of us came to this site for those preachers/teachers/prophets and what they stood for - but if anyone posts the same teachings of these men - but in their own words and under their own name - they're called legalists now and maligned for the strong stand for The Word of GOD that these men labored toward.
I was raised up as a baby Christian on them - so I believe now that I'm just looking for something that doesn't exist.
After talking with others who were brought up on them as well - I've come to the conclusion that it's time to allow this new generation of progressive thinkers take over - post-modernists - emergents - emotionalists - spiritists -whatever - or bear more name calling from those we sought unity and love with. It's a different world than what we rebirthed into back then. Even Keith Green wouldn't last here, posting anonymously.

Enjoy Diane.

 2012/1/13 20:13

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