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The question of the profitability of exercise and does the Word have anything to say about it...

Consider 1Timothy 4:8 "For bodily exercise profiteth little: but godliness is profitable unto all things, having promise of the life that now is, and of that which is to come."

I have had to consider my interest in exercise...the reasons for it to make us look younger, have a more youthful figure? Sure! We ladies want to look like the beautiful figures sported by actresses...

On the other hand, what does nature show us? Let us look around at animals who care nothing about fitness, what do they look like? Look at any hen that has been laying eggs for a while, or any cow (gasp!) or bull (bovine), do they look like young heifers or bulls? Nope. Same with hogs, sheep - you name it. Any animal that has matured, that has reproduced looks like it with more size then one that is just entering into it.

There is a fitness industry out there working to put a guilt trip on people by saying they need to work on keeping their weight down in order to remain healthy. Are Christians being fooled into buying this sales pitch? On the other hand, there is merit in staying healthy, but what is our motivation?

The more I look at life, recall the people that have died, their ages and their figure, I am becoming more convinced then ever that if God wants you alive, fitness will matter little. Skinny people do not live longer, neither will fat people. If you belong to the LORD Jesus you follow him in matters of health - He will keep you so you can live profitably for Him.

According to the Scripture quoted, godliness is far more profitable then any fitness regimen. I would rather stake my life on the WORD then on some fitness guru!

AND if people would put as much effort into being godly as they do in staying physically fit, I wonder what the church would look like? Think about this a while!

Sandra Miller

 2011/12/8 14:27Profile

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Great post Ginny. With scripture. Thank you.

Yet... Fitness and excersise is still not sin. We need to distinguish between the two. I think for the most part your post hits the nail on the head.



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Joined: 2004/7/7
Posts: 7504


"Great post Ginny. With scripture. Thank you."

Thanks for your kindness...

Sandra Miller

 2011/12/8 14:45Profile

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South Africa


Hi Jimp

What commandment about dancing are you referring to?


 2011/12/8 16:09Profile


Hello Miccah,

Thank you for your rebuttal.

I agree with you, but still, I failed to express why I wrote my post.

I am not saying we are not to look to the bible to obtain knowledge and by what we believe, God forbid, the whole purpose of my posting was to show that we are treating the bible as if we should live by it's letter.

For example, the bible says, "do not commit adultery", but Jesus goes on to tell us that "he that looks upon a woman to lust has committed adultery already in his heart".

He made those words clear to show that it's impossible to keep the law for every man has looked upon a woman in some form or fashion and desired to have her.

Now we can treat that lawfully by trying to stop this practise or we can surrender our lives over to the Lord because it was impossible for us to follow it, and let Him work this out of our lives by faith through grace.

What does this have to do with the price of tea?

Probably nothing, but I don't run to the bible for every whipstitch when an issue comes into view, the word of God which lives and abides in me is enough to get my attention when I am doing something wrong.

When I am doing wrong, do I open the bible and look for my error and see if my error is wrong or not? That is such foolish thinking,, but you know brother, there are many groups that do that very thing through their legalistic ways.

I have done that myself for many years and I was worse off, it was better that I was sinner than trying to stop doing something that I had not the power to accomplish. If I could do it, I don't need Jesus.

But by faith in the finish work of Jesus Christ is sufficient. Anything beyond that is flesh.

As for this Zumba. I just watched a Zumba dance class on youtube to see what exactly we are talking about and it's not becoming folks. It does not belong in the Church.

 2011/12/8 17:18


"AND if people would put as much effort into being godly as they do in staying physically fit, I wonder what the church would look like? Think about this a while!"

:-) @ ginny, good1.

I have my fathers habits, or at least I did. I love food. I love preparing it and cooking and baking with it and best of all, I love eating it.

I've given the matter over to the Lord several years ago and He has come to my rescue and has helped me considerably to curb my appetite. But one of those curbings is getting out and walking.

Did you know you can walk and pray at the same time?

LOL, I know you know that.

My Sister who is as big as house has the same gene. She is 48 and as hard as she has tried to stop, she kept failing. She too even prayed many many times but her ability to stop eating junk was out of her hands, like a drunk trying to stop drinking on his own steam. Well, she had a stroke a couple of weeks ago which has halted all her eating habits, and she is losing weight because good food is being given to her instead of her going out and buying it or having it come to the door. This may be her God send, it has slowed her down considerably, before she couldn't sleep now she sleeps all the time.

So for her, the need to exercise is paramount if she is to keep living among us. She is on nitro-patches and other medications to keep her from having any more heart related complications, and the stroke has taken her short term memory and her partial eye sight (it's like she is looking through a prism), but the eye specialist said she should recover from that when the swelling goes down in her brain.

Having said all that, I DO know what your saying. At one time, prayer was the paramount exercise being conducted in Church or wherever people met to seek God. There were some Church services that I used to walk into when I was a kid and a great fear would come over me (a good and godly fear) that you reverenced the presence of Almighty God was there. I have never felt that in any service since.

 2011/12/8 19:48

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