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 Re: Krispy

"you could use a device like that AND have a Bible there. Use the Bible for the bulk of your reading at the beginning, whatever text you're preaching on... and then use the device for other text references rather than flipping thru to find it."


"Nothing like not being able to find the text you are looking for while trying to convey a thought."

Oh..., LOL... Yes, it is REALLY bad... :O)

Be well Brothers,

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Enjoying your Bible by Alan Redpath

Topic: Bible

This is a message the Lord brought me to yesterday that helped reinforce some things a dear brother exhorted me on recently. I believe it bears much weight in this discussion because of the many assumptions that can come to your audience when using a tablet and also the temptations to be involved in activities that are good but fruitless inherit to a general multipurpose device.

Blessings on you Doug

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 Re: Restricted bations use,technology

In restricted nations believers make extensive use of technology to study the word. They do this as Bibles and other teaching material are not readily available. In Iran believers gather around a sat TV or web can to study the word and fellowship. So whats the ruckus o over an Ipad?

Bkaine Scogin

 2011/12/1 15:50


There is no ruckus, Blaine...


 2011/12/1 16:07

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It seems as if a few folks hesitate because the person isn't using "their Bible". However, as we all know "The Bible" is the collected canon of scriptures.

If I have "The Bible" loaded onto my Ipad then I do indeed have "my Bible" with fact a great many translations of it if I wish!

I also think it is great to use a laptop to preach from. By using several tabs I can have my outline, several translations, notes, images for an overhead to illustrate a point, etc. For example if preaching on the Judgement Seat of Christ I might throw a picture of the actual Bema Seat in Corinth on the screen for people to see. They then could get a sense of what Paul had seen with is own eyes when he wrote that.

As far as "well ,in using technology you might be checking ball game scores, reading the news, etc."...Sure , I guess it is possible. A person would have to be a very multi focused individual to pull it off... but I guess it is possible. However, it is just as possible that a person using a printed text Bible with notes on the side may have a pornographic picture in it. Anyone COULD do something like that with anything..... but ultimately it is the heart of the one using whatever means they choose that determines if it is used purely or not.

Anyway..just 2 cents worth. The hang ups many seem to have deals with how they are defining "my Bible". It isn't necessarily print on a page. It may be script on a computer screen that is" my Bible". The words of God are the cannized scriptures... in whatever format we read them... print on paper... or script on a computer screen. However, the use of technology in this venue does open up a great amount of impacting and forceful communication that we will miss out on otherwise.

again..just my 2 cents.


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brother matt i don't want to condemn anyone else but i know that it's a big turn off to me personaly when a preacher is in the pulpit without a bible i believe he needs to get in the word and study for his sermon instead of an internet type message and if someone was witnessing to me and they did't have a bible i probably would not listen to them their is something powerful by having your bible in your hand i believe that's why the churches are in the shape their in these days because christians don't depend on the bible their is nothing in my opinion that can replace the bible but as others have stated pray about it and see how the lord would lead you, i respect everyone elses opinion, god bless you brother

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Stick with the printed page! It looks like the Bible...pure and simple. It doesn't have an appearance of anything other than the Word of God. FOrget an Ipad...most of the world could not afford one anyway. Some may not realize that you have a gazillion helps downloaded, so what does it prove. But when you stand before your congregation with the Bible itself, there is the authority. Not that I would be offended, but many want to rely on all the new technological gizmos. Yes, I am well under 60, 50,.... Why does the church of today want to be more technologically relevant, while many times missing the power of God? Just wondering. Some of these tools are great, I have them on my computer and ipod, but not in the pulpit. It is there I stand between God and man.

I also think it is interesting when many play with their ipads, ipods, cell phones, etc. in church rather than listening to the Word. This is a distraction Satan is using to cause many not to listen to the voice of God. Texting, playing games, surfing the internet, etc., but if you have the Bible open, you cannot just push a button or touchscreen and surf, etc. Being reverent will help give God time to speak to us.
Technology can be good, but it also can be used wrongly.


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No offence, but I find it almost laughable that people reading from a computer or other technological device are using said technological device condemn the use of a technological device in preaching. Wouldn’t that be making one form of communication more sanctified than another? Wouldn’t that be somewhat idolizing such a thing as a format of communication? God wrote in tablets of stone. Wouldn't that represent the more correct image divine authority?

Perhaps it would depend on the group of people hearing the message. If the imagery of a black book is to them the only acceptable symbol of authority, then perhaps they would reject the message based on another imagery placed before them by the person delivering the message.
I’ve read several thrilling accounts about the “proclaimer” used by Faith Comes By Hearing: in the which many “heathens” are converted and churches established because of a little electronic device which reads God’s Word to them in the language that they understand. Those people often do not even have a written language, and if their language IS written, they are illiterate and can’t read it, but God is transforming thousands of such lives because of such electronic devices.

Thank God for ministers who don’t idolize a certain form of communication, and use whatever method possible to minister the Gospel! Those who learn other forms of technology understand the value of the tools available to them and are able to increase the talents that God gives them.

Michael Strickland

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The Word is the Word is the Word, it's the living Word, I don't care if the Pastor was Preaching it from water colors on poster board, it's not what it's written in, it's what is written. Just be grateful your Pastor is preaching the Word, some don't.


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All the responses are much appreciated friends.

Please know that whatever route I end up going my one focus is to gloriy Christ that all men may know He is sent of the Father. All I want to do is be a better minister... better able to uplift and exhort the people that hear me.

Jeremy...could you please explain the Redpath sermon and some of the points made? I am very thankful for your reply and would like to know more about what you mean about "assumptions" that can come to your audience.

Also "temptations to be involved in activities that are good but fruitless inherit to a general multipurpose device." What do you intend by this statement friend?

It is very clear to me as some have expressed that the Bible is the Bible whether on printed page or electronic format. No difference there. If I use a printed or handwritten note form and use a Strongs to learn about the Greek am I not listenting to the Spirit? Am I leaning on my own understanding if I use commentaries and other resources? What about maps? Is it wrong to use those?

I see no difference b/t using a electronic device to bring forth the Word than using a printed page or handwritten notes...we have used other resources to help in the Sermon REGARDLESS of the final method.

The issue I could see be a problem is will it cause my brother to stumble? A friend of mine, young fella about 22, not very deep in God yet... I asked him about this... he said he would not like it b/c he would be afraid his tithe is going to the preacher to buy a fancy $500 device!

Love you all and appreciate your feedback so much! I have not made a decision on this issue one way or another and want to 100% as some have suggested rely on the Lord's leading.

Would love to hear what Greg thanks about the issue as the leader of SI.


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