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 Would you be offended if your Pastor preached from their Ipad?

Hello all...

I would like to know how you all feel about using the Ipad or any other tablet device for that matter to preach/teach the Word.

I am the adult teacher at my church and have been preaching for close to ten years. One thing I regret is that I have not saved more of my sermons and what the Lord has given me to minister.

I usually preach "Finney Style"... i.e. I use a "skeleton" outline as he called it.

I do not own a tablet device but have been using Bible apps on my Android device and Esword on the computer for years. I have a Ipod and have many sermons from this site on it.

I have been researching the potential to use the Ipad as a system of preaching and mainly for storing data/outlines.

I also love the ability to mark up the text w/ highlighting and underlighting (to this day I cannot bring my self to write in any of my paper bibles!)

Do any of the preachers/teachers have any experience w/ using this system? Reactions from others? What would you think if your pastor walked in this weekend carrying a Ipad and preached from it?

Of course we should not base our decisions and what man thinks... I know this could be a great tool to be able to profit others even more than I do now.

Any thoughts dear brothers and sisters?

God bless,


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 Re: Would you be offended if your Pastor preached from their Ipad?

Hey Matt,

I have several friends that preach from their Ipad.

I still normally use the "skeleton" form and keep those saved in my computer files. It certainly helps when in the future I may want to draw from an area I have already studied in depth in the past.

That being said- it would seem that anything that enables you to be a better communicator and more effective minister is definitely a go. Really... that is all it boils down to. If it helps you to be a better preacher and have more "meat" within your messages then by all means make use of it.

As for anyone being offended..... well they might as well be offended at the Ipad as the color of the carpet! If one is offended at you using means to be a better minister then one must question their motivations in that. Why not be offended at the "skeleton" outlines...or the use of paper... or even processing the words on a word processor.... or colored ink to highlight passages...or the use of any notes at all...or the Bible version you are using...etc., etc., to infinity, as naseum!

There is an old saying that says, "Those who can and will do a thing do it. Those who can't or won't will criticize those who do". NEVER more true than in most churches! Recall that the Pharisees hated and criticized Jesus because He healed on the Sabbath. They didn't care so much about the Sabbath as in the fact that He could tap into the power of God and heal the sick...and they couldn't. So...what did they do... rather than repent and seek God for power to be a witness they just criticized the one who did have the power of God and was a witness. Sounds just about like today. ;-)

In a nutshell...Go For It! If it helps you ..Go For It!

Just my 2 cents

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 Re: Would you be offended if your Pastor preached from their Ipad?

No offense here. Preach on Brother!

Be well,

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 Re: Would you be offended if your Pastor preached from their Ipad?

I don't see why that would be offensive at all. I have a good friend who preached with his iPad (it was a great sermon the holiness of God) and I've uploaded my notes to my eReader and used that before, from what I've seen nobody was offended. In fact most people think it's a good idea.

If someone were to be offended by it, it would be a good idea to inquire why, I imagine someone who would be offended by such a thing is only looking for a good excuse to be offended and that was just the one they chose.

I say go ahead, it if helps you communicate the truth of Scripture better, just do it.

Mike Wright

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Not offended by it... but in his book "Preachers & Preaching" Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones is in favor of having the Bible there on the pulpit opened while preaching. This reinforces for the people listening that this is the Word of God. Not as a prop, but as a visual reminder. I think that is a good thing. (Keep in mind that book was compiled in 1971... but I think it's still a good principle.)

Just something to think about.

Using an electronic device how do I know you're not keeping an eye on the football game?


 2011/12/1 11:49

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Very good points, Krispy.

The first thing that came to my mind was:

Philippians 1:18 What then? notwithstanding, every way, whether in pretence, or in truth, Christ is preached; and I therein do rejoice, yea, and will rejoice.

The Second was, is the Word being preached?

I would prefer to see 3 x 5 cards with the outline.

And, to reinforce what Krispy said, I would want to see the Bible in the preachers hands, not just laying on the pulpit.

Preach the Word!


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 Re: Would you be offended if your Pastor preached from their Ipad?

I don't see any problem with using any kind of tools such as an Ipad or cell phone as long as it doesn't ring during service.

I like to make little notes in my bible, to each his own.

I guess it would depend if it will offend the members of the congregation. You should ask your congregation.

William Cato

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Hello all... thanks for the replies!!!! I was expecting some harsh feedback for some reason... maybe later.

To Krispy... I've been reading your posts long enough to know two things: 1. You would give solid advice (already planned to bring the Bible along). and 2... you would have something funny to say along w/ it... I'd be more likely to check status updates on SI than checking out the football scores!

I'm thinking about the WIFI only church doesn't have WIFI so no worries about being rings/tones/chimes going off.

I attend a smaller (100 people max) Pentecostal Church. We have had one Pastor come for meetings and use his Ipad... went over fine. So I don't think OUR congregation would be offended. If I go out to preach? Not so sure. I will make sure to get permission from my Pastor before using it in the church as well...

One of the things I think would be good about it is that it would make me SLOW DOWN and FOCUS more on the message. Really dig into it... PREPARE it. I'm in the habit of just preparing outlines on small pieces of paper like a 3/5 card...kind of rush it sometimes I think. And you know how many of those pieces of paper I have left after 10 years? Not that many.

I would love to hear from any of you who have actually used one?

PS... I see SI has a Ipod App... be kind of cool to quit preaching for a bit and say "Lets go to Ravenhill for his thought on the subject." :)


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Matt... you could use a device like that AND have a Bible there. Use the Bible for the bulk of your reading at the beginning, whatever text you're preaching on... and then use the device for other text references rather than flipping thru to find it.

When I'm teaching I do that. I dont use a device, but in my notes I have other texts that I am going to use already printed out. Helps me keep my train of thought. Nothing like not being able to find the text you are looking for while trying to convey a thought.


 2011/12/1 12:56

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I would advise you to use one only at the Lord's leading. I have used my phone and tablet simply to read the Word from while sharing at the Lord's leading. I received some funny looks at first because it was contrary to the norm or carrying a large study Bible to share from. Any technology, like a study Bible, can reveal the heart of the person who is using it. Would you be willing to study and share from your marked up photo copied passages void of man made study aids? Any understanding you share of the Word separate from the illumination by the Holy Spirit is superficial at best.

In the end a tablet is just another platform to use extra Biblical tools. I urge you to approach this with the wisdom of Christ who judged with righteous judgement, not according to what He could see with His eyes but according to what the Father told Him.

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