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So much in common w/ all of you. The older I get it's no longer just "the smaller the world gets" but "the more I get to know people the more they have in common" I know we've probably all heard "There's always someone who's has/got it worse than you." That one keeps me humble. Especially here.

If it wasn't so late and I didn't feel like prayer is more needed right now I'd give you all a blessed earful, ha.
I mean that in the way of sharing some of our trials, ha, not like it But most important the blessed hope!

hope I can get your website off to a niece w/ an almost 18 yr. boy bro. Frank. She just left husband #6 and the kids aren't doing to well. I'm amazed they're not worse than they are. But I feel this boy might really feel a connection through your own life experiences.

Wish I had more time but just want to say I think I'll go pray now. Goodnight and God Bless

My list just grew another name. -J-

Love sister -k-

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 Re: The Prodigal Bomber- for those with lost children

While the word of God is my primary source and where I dwell, I wanted to take a moment to share a resource I was blessed with after being in my situation for many years which still continues. It’s a book called, Parents with Broken Hearts by William L. Coleman. God really used this book to confirm so many things it was ridiculous. It was like someone had been watching my situation all along (of course someone had been but you know what I mean). It was just that real. It was just that honest. It was just that comforting. Maybe it will be the same for someone else. I looked it up on Amazon and I guess it’s been reissued but I also looked it up on and it’s being sold for as low as 75 cents. May this be a blessing to someone anyone who is a parent or knows of a parent with a broken heart.

I’m praying

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The Lord led me to this book as well, Jasmine....I have added yours to my ever-growing list of prodigals....what a glorious day it will be when God is realized in their hearts!!

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mama27 thank you for your kindness and appolus thank you for your compassion.

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 Re: The Prodigal Bomber- for those with lost children

"bump" ...

I read this with great appreciation for the work of God in such "hopeless" situations. THANKS for sharing!

I thought about mama27 and her continual burden for her prodigals. Many prodigals don't even realize that the only reason they are still alive is because a mom or dad or grandparent has humbly interceded before the Almighty on their behalf. Sometimes it is a long wait that seems it will never end ... but after much pain and heartache, "And when he came to himself" finally happens!

Michael Strickland

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