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 Lovely video Testimony of Mary Peckham concerning the Hebrides Revival

thank you brother Greg Gordon!

this is a precious video of a dear sister, Mary Peckham, testifying about the 1949 Hebrides Revival, lets watch it together?

 2011/11/9 9:35

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 Re: Lovely video Testimony of Mary Peckham concerning the Hebrides Revival

Thank you brother for posting this...extremely edifying and encouraging...and convicting.

The entire time listening I just kept thinking...oh how we are missing it so much of the time...I am missing it. There is a depth to this dear sister that I know I do not have...and am stirred to seek the Lord about.

Thanks again...

Brother Kevin

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 Re: Lovely video Testimony of Mary Peckham concerning the Hebrides Revival

wow, i thank you from the bottom of my heart for posting this, it has been a tremendous blessing and encouragement to me. thank you so much and praise the Lord for His goodness and faithfulness! Lord, have mercy and do it again in this generation...o how we need it...


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This was SO ENCOURAGING! Please everyone listen to it - it is only 30 minutes long and will BLESS YOU!

 2011/11/9 16:55Profile

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Thanks for posting this, how wonderful, really encouraging. LORD please send revival and start with me.

 2011/11/9 17:47Profile

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Thanks, Neil, for posting this link.

Sandra Miller

 2011/11/9 21:24Profile

 Re: Lovely video Testimony of Mary Peckham concerning the Hebrides Revival

OH Praise God! that i was used to bring forth a small treasure and encourage you all, as i was so enccouraged in the Ministry of Jesus.

you could actually SEE with your hearts eye, the Divine Reality of Christ living in this dear was REAL!

and Mary Peckham is special to me on a personal level, i have a dear Mother in Christ, who recently went to be with Him, Mimi Sutherland, and for a season, a blessed season, every Thursday at 8 pm, five saints would gather in her living room for intercessory prayer. What a season that was, i'm telling you, we scaled the heights of Jesus, prayers for the community, individuals, going up like Incense before God. and when i wasnt on my face, or knees, i would sit next to Mimi in a 2 person couch and just lean into her, and Mimi has that sweet Indwelling of the Holy Ghost that Mary Peckham has,and when Mimi would pray.......oh brothers and sisters, the home prayer meeting is a Powerhouse!

to close, i live now in a rural area, much like the Hebrides, i asked God for it, He gave me a wonderful dwelling, on a ridge, and i tell you, there is much "dry wood" around here...many many mainline churches that are sparsely attended simply because the denominations have given Jesus short shrift, i dont want to name the denominations...but i'm praying for God to strengthen these weak knees, and give me the Call...not that i'm anything special, but when i came to Christ, and found this site, i was particuraly attracted to the ministry of Duncan Campbell....every "young" convert should seek human models of Grace, and he has always been mine, along with such men as David Brainerd and i'm very fond of Michael Brown, but when Duncan preaches, i hear a yes and amen in my soul, and thats NOT to "idolize' him.....NO! see, every Jewish boy studys under a rabbi...Paul studied under Gamiliel, so pray that God stregthens my weak knees, would be to Him that he pour forth Living Waters on a dry and thirsty groundl. amen.

 2011/11/9 21:51

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Thanks Neil.

I was privaledge to see Mary and Colin Peckham at the Revival conference in Scotland in 2008, where she sang that same song. I would recommend reading the book written by Mary and Colin on the Hebridian Revival called 'Sounds from Heaven'.

Also my wife and I went for a week's holiday on the Isle of Lewis in 2009. It was great to see and experience the Island. The churches are still strong there compared to the UK generally, but sad to see that in one generation most of the community has lost that awareness and fear of God. It just shows that we need to be constantly seeking the LORD for His presence among us.


 2011/11/10 6:05Profile


thank YOU and bless you Dave...."Sounds from Heaven" is my next stop, God bless you richly, my brother, neil

 2011/11/10 10:12

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 Re: Lovely video Testimony of Mary Peckham concerning the Hebrides Revival

The documentary "Wind of the Spirit", regarding this same revival, was very encouraging as well.

God bless,

 2011/11/10 10:21Profile

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