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Perhaps to some degree and in certain circumstances. However, trying to live too much by OT law can, in my opinion, lead to living by the letter of the law and not the principle--or just living by and trusting in the law period, as opposed to grace. Remember, Christ fulfilled the law.

HI phebebird
Yes, true. I wasn't trying to find a law to keep but priciples behind the law which might still have some relevance.

One of the things I was trying to highlight is how dramatically patterns of life have changed in the last hundred years. The education boom, and the career paths for young people have completely distrupted the centuries old patterns of people being home based until they married and set up their own home base.

We can't turn back the clock even if we wanted to, but to understand the principles behind this Numbers law, (interesting that it wasn't Sinaitic?) might help us in providing some kind of support structure for our teens and singles.

Ron Bailey

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