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Alberta, Canada

 Re: Re-directing back to the Beauty of the external - more specific

Makrothumia said, "Perhaps it is time to state clearly what the "orignial" poster of this thread had in mind by "externals"
First let me state that I did not have in mind the "externals" mentioned by many who blended other recent threads into this one." End of quote

I too thank you, Alan, for clarifying this. It seemed to me that you and Frank were speaking past each other, emphasizing the same thing. But the timing of your thread made it appear that you were tacitly talking about dress and head coverings.


Allan Halton

 2011/10/10 15:44Profile


My heart is warmed at the direction of the last few posts and I look forward to hearing Alan and others opinions on what it means to " put on." It is a wonderful subject and only , in my opinion, good can cmoe out of it as we strive together to understand the " Beauty of Holiness." Frank

 2011/10/10 15:55

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