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 Re: Greg

Brother several years ago I was part of a church that was Calvinistic, baptistic had teaching elders. The church employed a dialogue form of teaching. The men were allowed to speak and vote in the church. The women, while not wearing the head covering, were not allowed to speak or vote in the church. The church continuly hammered into the women they were to do their duty and submit and submit to the men. This they were told was Biblical holiness.

In the course of all of this instructing the women in Biblical holiness someone forgot to tell the elders about sexual purity. Two of our teaching elders were found to be having a five year homrsexual affair, with each other. The results were disastrous and the church is no more.

My point is the head covering is being made a standard of holiness. Holiness is a heart issue wrought by the Holy Spirit in one's heart. Should we not focus on the fact we are new creations in Christ? Should we not exhort believers to live out that new creation through the fruit of the Spirit? Do the righteous live by faith or by sight? Is not more important that we be clothed with Christ than a cloth?

Brother the older I get the more I see the need for grace in our walk of faith with Jesus. Just some food for thought.


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 Re: Incidents of God's Protection of Ladies who cover, pt. 4


Under no circumstances would I ever regard the application of the wearing of the covering to work as a good-luck charm. The protection of these sisters and brother came from the LORD at the hand of his ministering spirits, the angels. We know little about their ministry outside of the written Word. But we know they are there and sometimes the evidence of their presence is overwhelming. The Lord allows his daughters to experience this because we do need encouragement. And if bad things do happen, we know God allowed it for some as yet unknown reason...

Incidents of God's Protection of Ladies who cover

There was a single girl who went to NYC to do volunteer work for a mission. She hailed a cab, gave the address of her desired destination to the driver.

Unknown to her this driver worked for a pimp so he dropped her off and told her this is the place she wants to go. As she mounted the steps she sensed this was a bad place. A man led her in, took her to a room and locked the door. Now she was scared! She heard screams, unholy sounds coming from adjoining rooms. She prayed.

Before too long, she heard footsteps, a man came to her in the room. She immediately felt she could trust him. He told her to follow him and she did. They passed out the doorway, through rooms with other people but they seemed oblivious to their presence. They did not even see them! They went out to the street and walked a ways until he pointed out the house she was to go to. As she turned to thank him for assisting her, he had vanished from sight! She knew she was delivered from evil by an angel.


One time a veiled lady met with a gruff, evil man who guffawed at her attire. Pointing to her head-covering he mockingly said, "Now that is enough to scare the devil!"

"And that sir," she replied, "is exactly why wear it!"


Out in Oregon, many years ago, a single lady worked as a nanny to a wealthy family, living in their house.

One evening the lady of the house was gone and she was left alone with the children and husband. He was drinking and got too friendly with her. She quit her ironing and went up to her room and closed the door to escape him. Before long she heard him come up the stairs and knew he was going to come to her room. She was scared because she could not lock it and she prayed. He opened the door, came in and lunged for her. As he did it was as though he hit a wall: he fell back onto the floor! He picked himself up and left her alone.

Another similar story: a man, Martin, was working as a volunteer in a prison, ministering to inmates. An inmate got so angry with this man that he told him that if he would ever see him again, he would kill him!

The day came when it was time for Martin to visit this prison, knowing full well the danger he faced, but he asked the LORD to protect him.

As he and the chaplain walked down the corridor they came to this inmates cell. The doors to the cells were open so the inmates could come and go. When Martin came to this cell, this rough man saw him and he growled, yelled and lunged for Martin. As he came to the door, it was as though he hit a wall, and he fell back onto the floor. There is no logical reason for this to have happened apart from the intervention of God's angels.


There was a preacher who was married and together they had four children. She was quite sickly and fell behind on her work in caring for her family.

On this particular day, He had to go to a meeting with other preachers and left her alone with her work and her not feeling good at all. Before too long, a lady knocked on her door, and she answered it. The caller asked if she could come in and help her today? The caller exuded trust and confidence so she agreed to allow she to help her. This lady told the pastor's wife that she should just go lie down and rest: she will take care of things for her.

The pastors wife slept for several hours. When she awoke she was surprised to find her house cleaned up, clothes washed - all put away in the right closets and drawers. And there was supper all ready cooked, ready to eat on the stove. In addition to this, the table was set for the family with one additional plate. Now, this was an error the visitor made, or so she thought - otherwise, everything else was perfect.

Soon the pastor-husband called telling her he is leaving and will be home shortly. He also said he knows she is not feeling well, but there is a man there that needs supper and I hope you do not mind if I bring him home to eat with us?

The pastor's wife is convinced this helper was an angel...


Recently we sisters at church were discussing this issue when one young mother related this incident about her sister - will call her Lora for the sake of the story - I do not remember her name.

Lora was traveling with some other ladies by plane. At the airport a young friendly woman came to them and started talking. She said, "Oh, you must be one of us! We also wear black veils in our church." So Lora asked her, "what church does she go to?" She said, "the church of Satan!"

This knowledge scared this girl so bad she resolved to never again wear a black veil.

There are reports of ladies wearing black veils in Satanic rituals. They say these black-veiled women have greater power with the spirits then if they are not veiled.


More to come.......

Sandra Miller

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by ginnyrose on 2011/10/3 5:32:33

of those who do feel led to wear head covering all the time, would someone who does not wear a head covering keep you from having fellowship with that person?

I fellowship with you, do I not? Did you not know before now that I cover?



Yes Ginnyrose I knew that you wear head covering. I was asking of others who keep to the practice of wearing head coverings all the time. I am sorry I was not more specific in my question. Thank you for taking the time to answer me though :)

God Bless

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Well, now I feel led to share again why I went off of dial-up last month on August 24th.

The content being PERMITTED on this forum this year has been vulgar, as I mentioned on a few threads now and the responsible party was never corrected but kept up until finally after some time, a few members teamed up to stop at least some of it - but what happened with all of that, was that it opened a door here of allowing more posts and more men to come on here and openly discuss issues that they'd never stand up in Church in front of women and children and declare.

I couldn't take it anymore and went offline. While offline, I saw that my computer was connecting to the internet by these unsecured wireless connections, so I prayed and asked The LORD what I should do. I trust Him enough to know that if He wanted me on or offline, that He would show me.
Sometimes the signal will hold long enough for me to download a whole sermon - and sometimes it will close as fast as I hit a Homepage. I've given Him the reins of when it's on and when it goes off and trust Him whole-heartedly that He 'is' in control of even things of this nature - but all I knew last month was that I did not want to be able to get on at a whim.

As far as if I've prayed over and researched this issue - I have indeed - as I do every move I make with The GOD Whom I fear with all of my heart, as equally as I love Him. For 35 yrs I've laid my life down for Him to lead and direct in any way that He would have me to go - even in the little things and I have been left with - my purpose on earth, just as everyone else's, is different and HE has told me to become "all things to all mankind", as long as it's in humility and chaste.
Modesty in dress and a brokeness of submission to both men and GOD is not contingent upon me staying covered.

I think I'm done here.

Shalom~Shalom to those I'll see in Heaven.

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I believe the bible is quite clear about the subject. It only becomes confusing when you have already decided that this in not an ordinance and try to explain it away. I asked my wife to cover herself during the service though I do not believe that the bible requires to do it outside of meetings. Sadly, we are the only ones in the church who practice this and so far nobody has asked us about why my wife does it neither do I actively propagate it to others. However, if someone would ask me, I would explain it. I shared it with one couple who both love the Lord dearly and they now practice it. Interestingly, they later served God in Russia and attend a conservative Pentecostal church where head covering is practiced!

You can only explain head covering in the context of headship. If you are not in complete submission to Christ and his word, head covering appears like a stumbling block. If you desire to be in complete submission to Christ and whatever he says, head covering is a pleasant thing - honoring God and your husband. Paul praised the Corinthians for keeping the traditions he delivered.

1. Cor 11:2-3
2 Now I praise you, brethren, that you remember me in all things and keep the traditions just as I delivered them to you. 3 But I want you to know that the head of every man is Christ, the head of woman is man, and the head of Christ is God.

4 Every man praying or prophesying, having his head covered, dishonors his head. 5 But every woman who prays or prophesies with her head uncovered dishonors her head,

So if the man is the head of the woman she dishonors her husband if she does not cover it while she prays or prophesies.

There are big commandments like love your neighboor as yourself and seemingly "small" commandments like headcovering.

My question for you:

If Christ saves us to the uttermost, is He not worth keeping all his commandments be they big or small?

If this is in the bible, why do I not delight in pleasing him in this matter?

What is so difficult about head covering? Such a small thing to keep, certainly a lot easier than to love my neighbor or my enemy.

Are you afraid to be labelled a legalist and loose the esteem of certain people?

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of those who do feel led to wear head covering all the time, would someone who does not wear a head covering keep you from having fellowship with that person?

As someone who wears a head-covering all the time... My answer is NO.

Of the many people I know who cover, this really isn't an issue...It's the ones you STILL WISH to fellowship with (who don't cover) that usually back off. More often than not, the person not covering usually breaks fellowship in some way or another with the person covering. Because they believe you're under the law, or majoring on the minors, or just getting "too far out there." (And the reasons go on...) Many times, it can be God's way of choosing your friends!

I have many friends who don't cover, but were not really close and intimate as they don't allow that. Obviously many times what you wear will choose who will associate with you.

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If Christ saves us to the uttermost, is He not worth keeping all his commandments be they big or small?

Amen! So many would people would give up their lives for Christ, but few will give up their wardrobe and appearance. Something to really think about.

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hi All,I have been trying to follow this interesting thread and a question arose.Later in the chapter Paul says the consequences of taking the Lords Supper in a wrong way is that many are sick among you.What is the consequence of not wearing a head covering when a woman prays or prophesying?
Thanks Staff

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Well staff, if you look at it that way, the danger would be in wearing the covering while not being in submission. It would seem to me that the bigger danger would be in taking pride in the wearing of a head covering. The Bible does not say what the consequences are for not wearing a covering, but is most clear about the consequences of being proud.

Jesus Christ saves. Head coverings do not save. This whole thread is focused upon head coverings and has served to distract us from that which we should be focused upon, which is our LORD, and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Those that are focused upon the LORD will be brought into submission if their heart is set upon HIM.

It would be a very sad thing to hear that because of this discussion some sister did not call upon the LORD because her head was not covered in a moment of need. It would be sadder still to hear that someone fell from the faith because they thought that they could not measure up to what some have prescribed on these pages - of hearing the law without the knowledge of Grace.

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