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Discussion Forum : Scriptures and Doctrine : Mike Bickle's finally addresses manifestations issue at IHOP

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This world is not my home anymore.


<---- speaks in tongues and I don't believe I've hidden it! LOL

All the gifts are for today, God gave them to the church for the perfection of the church.

How many Christians are going to be like the wicked servant that took the talent (or pound) and buried it and then tell the Lord when He returns that, "I thought all these gifts were demonic and not for today so i buried what you gave me" OR "I didn't even ask..."??

God bless,


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i just watched the first link

and broke down with grief when i saw the two girls with there manefestations ,, i could not watch the whole clip

this is kudalundi ,,

it is a false spirit conected to the pagan religones ,hindoism containes this spirit

test the spirit brothers and sisters

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Isn't this an evidence of God's presence? When Jesus came to the temple, or a few other occasions? The demons went berserk and exposed themselves and Jesus cast them out! These "uncontrollable" violent manifestations are apparently similar to the guy who was thrown to the floor when Jesus came to the temple. This would be an evidence of God moving and men lacking the boldness, and discernment to cast out the demons.

Pray for these guys. The greater works are coming!



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America's Heartand


Hey Martyr,

I loved your two posts on this thread! Sourcasm or not... you hit the nail on the head.

Sad that so many are walking in absolute terror of the enemy, flesh, the "boogie man", and whatever event happens to send chills up their spine today.

God's power to keep me is greater than the enemies power to "get me" if I simply keep my heart right with Jesus. God's power to safeguard me is greater than the enemies power to deceive me if I just keep my heart right. Perfect love casts out fear. Amazing that many brothers and sisters trust God so little that they feel they must inject themselves into situations and straighten everyone out. Haa haaa LOL....I am sure God shakes His head and thinks..."So.. what exactly is it they think that they must expose or correct, etc. and do not believe I can do that myself if it truly is wrong". FEAR... the stench that at its heart believes God is not bigger than the enemy and that God needs me to get things straightened out for Him. THAT is perhaps the ultimate deception!

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