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 Biblical Foundations for new believers...

Does anyone know of any book or study that they highly recommend that is basic and easy for a new believer to either go through on their own or that they can sit down with someone else and go through?

I am looking for something that is not pentecostal based.

Through Him only

Mrs Carter

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 Re: Biblical Foundations for new believers...

the Normal Christian Life by Watchman Nee.

I give it 5 stars :>)

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A Good Foundation By Zac Poonen

72 Basic Christian Teachings - 15 min each to the basics


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The basic teachings by Zac Poonen are good short 15 mimute devotionals on basic aspects of Christianity for new converts:

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 Re: Biblical Foundations for new believers...

Highly recommend this book. My unsaved sister-in-law understood it and got saved.
Torrey had a way of writing that almost anyone could understand. He wasn't "pentecostal".

His Peace

 2011/8/14 22:40

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Mrs Carter

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What language do they speak, Sis?

Was thinking about having over 300 languages.

There's the folks who put out "The Daily Bread" devotionals, that have booklets that are also in PDF format here . They're great folks, but you'd have to look at the list of categories and read one to see if the language is O.K..

Will be praying for you all.
Rejoicing for you all as well.

 2011/8/15 1:38

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I agree that knowing what language they speak will help.

I recommend Paul Washer's "The One True God" work book. It's in the study/question format you were asking about. I know you can buy the book itself off amazon and you can download the ebook here:
The character of God is probably the most important thing you could ever study.
He also has one called "The Truth About Man". Ebook is here:

I don't know if anyone here has ever used this or not, but I've heard really good things about New Tribe Mission's curriculum called "Firm Foundations". It takes you through the whole Bible. And they have it in many different languages! It's here:

I hope this helps! God bless!


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 Re: Biblical Foundations for new believers...

I recommend Living by the Book by Howards Hendricks.

To me it is important for someone new in the Lord to learn the basics of bible study, this book is a great read to teach just that, so you really teach the person how to fish instead of just giving them a fish.

Hendricks does a wonderful job giving little assignments at the end of each chapter for the person to do to actually practice what they just learned.

He also has a video series that does the same exact thing along with a workbook for the video series.

Honestly though the book does the same thing as the video series at a fraction of the cost. If someone wanted to they could sit down with someone and go over the methods of study and really give a new believer a good grasp of solid bible study methods.

Another thing I enjoy about Hendricks is he is VERY commentary light meaning He doesn't suggestion go to the commentary but promotes one to dig deeper on their own and really be independant studiers of God's word rather than researchers of men's opinions.

Matthew Guldner

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I agree with Veronica in that God's attributes are crucial. For the sake of more options, I'll submit these two works:

-Stranger on the Road to Emmaus:

Very basic, especially for those weak in English.


-Called and Committed:

More advanced, and if you've rejected some of the books mentioned already for their complexity, this one will probably fall in with them as well (but it is worth mentioning).

Another interesting book is the Sheperd's Staff by World MAP. Very hard to get a hold of one, but designed with target groups like yours in mind.


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