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Thank u all very much for the wonderful responses.

lylewise, I do appreciate the response

I am finding that as nothing makes sense, it does indeed get extremely darker and unknown, butI guess this entire time i have been living in faith, continually carrying out the duties as a father, husband and man.

I am finding the enemies of faith keep gnawing against my soul; extreme worry, doubt, fear, anxiety, and nothing positive about the future. I fight everyday with the word, and with my own fortitude in Christ, but I am left with little understanding at the moment.

God Bless, hope this helps someone else....

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brother add to what has been said ,fasting

plan to fast

prepare to fast

begin to fast

and continue to fast repetivily every week

start out maby with just a fruit or vegatable fast , once a week for at least one day for a perioud of time

and then pray to do a two or three day fast with out food

allways praying periodly during that time

pray to be serious in fastings reguraly

make this a season of fasting

labour to trust and believe that god is and that he is rewarder of those who seek him ,,,,,

declare in prayer the trust that you want and the trust you have in the promises that god has made

and declare this to others saints

fasing is one of the most powerfull tools to draw near to god

im going on a vegatable fast for two maby three days staring today my season of fasting has started

and will not end till im refilled with the holy spirit and have over come lust in my heart

god has set me free of many sins ,i was a drug attack

and cigarette smoker binge drinker

but he is calling me to fast

he wants me to add fast to my regurlar praying

praying 2 hours a day will not be sufishent with obeay gods expectation for us to fast

jesus said when the bride groom is taken away ,they will fast

does it seem like he is been taken away ,,,then fast

and lift up your eyes and you dull heart ,,,the one who redeems will draw near to you , if you draw near to him

humble your self in the sight of god and he will lift you up

thank god today that he is about to do this for you and for me ,thank him ,,,,,,,ii will surely thank my lord for what he is about to do amen

be strong in the lord .
in the power of his might
put on the whole armer of god
that you ay be able to stand againsts the wils of the devil

god is able to make his servents stands

he is the aorther and the finisher of our faith

thank the lord today for what he has promised to do

bless you brother

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Here is part of the problem that exists with me as it pertains to works.

I am full of them until they just send u through the motions, I need real love, rest, and a sort of time out.

I don't know how to be religious or repetitive with such acts.

For me, I need a revealing from something other than a church, the bible in itself, please do not misunderstand, very mature believers will know what I mean.

The letter has killed me, now I need the spirit to make me alive, faith is being strengthened, my heart is being healed, and I do not know or full comprehend what I believe.

Lord I do believe, but help thou mine unbelief.

Thank you all

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 Re: How does Christ become everything to a person?

"I'm not talking about in word but at the very heart n core of life, how is this accomplished? Or how can it be?"

The second poster is very right in their answer.

If I may offer my two bits. It is through trials and endurance and the choices we make while in that trial. It when we abandon all hope that the strength of flesh can save us. The arm of flesh can be a loan, a favour, a vow, a bribe, our reasoning, anything that would cause us to stop trusting that God will make a way and trying to get the job done ourselves. It's when we through our suffering that we give up all hope of saving ourselves and that Christ becomes our everything. And it's not a one time event, God will put us through such fiery testing to see what we will do and He will test us in every area of our weaknesses, where we are most ready to take the easy way out. (Actually, God's way is the easy way, we just don't want to wait).

 2011/7/28 21:53


Our spiritual life is all about choices. You choose to make the will of God your own will and pleasure and God’s will becomes your goal of living rather than self. That is why God’s word teaches us that repentance is turning from the SELF-LIFE towards Him.

John 14:15 If ye love me, keep my commandments. (an act of the will).

When our will comes into agreement with His will (Word) the outcome is obedience. When we are disobedient we are following our own will. And this is why the Lord teaches us to cease from our works (our will).

Heb 4:10 For he that is entered into his rest, he also hath ceased from his own works, as God did from his.

So, out of this agreement of our two wills (my will and His will), comes one heart. When you come into harmony with God's will (Word and Spirit) you are one heart with Him.

This is not a mystical union but an act of your will to come into agreement with His Word and Holy Spirit (which do not contradict each other). Out of this comes forth fruit which lasts and a deep relationship with God.

This is not something that can be done without the Cross of Christ active in your life. If you are after head knowledge then you don't need the cross, but if you are after heart knowledge then the only way to obtain it IS THE CROSS. It is the crucified life that keeps self on the cross so that we may walk in the Spirit.


 2011/7/28 22:17

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Thank you Approved and Julius21,

very good post,

No more head knowledge, it leads to nowhere,
keep it coming .

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"""It is the crucified life that keeps self on the cross so that we may walk in the Spirit."""

Please clarify;

If we were crucified with Christ, put in the grave, and resurrected unto new life by the Spirit of Christ that is born again in us, taught by the promised Holy Spirit, how is self still on the cross?

If it is to remember we were crucified with Christ to self and resurrected to new life in Him, then I am in total agreement. Amen

In Christ: Phillip


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