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Here is an example of delivering someone from demonic possession. Why doesn't it happen in America. Do we know that it does not happen? Maybe not in Billy Graham crusades but Billy Graham crusades are not the litmus test, necessarily.

Here is this Pastor's testimony.

Since childhood, the call to help those who are suffering from all kinds of sicknesses and diseases, those poor ones who were so desperate for help, stayed with me.

As a young pastor, I made the following statement that shocked some of the older and more mature pastors, “Unless God moves in power and confirms His Word by healing the sick whenever I pray, I will quit the ministry. I refuse to be in ministry unless God answers in power.” Their dissatisfaction of this young and immature man was obvious.


In Christ,

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Sarah, that video - I've seen that manifestation in churches and the pastors and congregations thought it was "the spirit of God".
I've seen women running through the churches, screaming at the top of their lungs and the pastor and the congregation didn't pay them any mind, because they thought it was a move from God. Then we have them barking like dogs or squacking like chickens and them thinking that too is from God. You name it - it's in the church.

I have slow dial-up but I waited for this one video you posted to download and wondered - where did it show a "deliverance"? I didn't see any ministry as part of that video.
I can't go through all the videos with this pokey dial-up, but I did read the written page.
Maybe I'm missing something in what he wrote, so where exactly does he say that 'Christians' need demons cast out of them that are IN them? Could you pull the exact quote or the one video that says that, so I can try to download it?

{eta} ... who is "prophet T.B. Joshua"? I'll do a search, but wondered if you know.

 2011/8/10 2:55

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Hi Sarah,
I think thats exactly why Billy Graham crusades are the litmus.
The thing is he doesnt do casting out demons etc and thousands and thousands have been saved at his meetings.
It would be ridiculas to think that over all his meetings over all the years that not one person came to christ that didnt have a type of demon that manifests or not one person with demon that causes blindness,deafness or lack of speech at a Billy Graham crusade.Their must be thousands.
The only better litmus would be a successful evangelist that is totally anti a christian having a demon theology.
Are their any on sermonindex?
Your staff

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Hi Jesus is God,
I didnt get to look at Sarahs link yet,so I wont comment on that.
I agree with you totally the last thing we want to do is confuse a move of demons with a move of God.
God is a God of order and the whole deliverance tv evangelist thing is a sick joke.
Even if I am right and christians can have demons,the whole process must be handled carefully and correctly,Yours Staff

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This is chapter One. It's a nice introduction. I loved reading it. Turn off the critical eyes first. :0)

Demon Activity In The Last Times

By Arthur Zepp

Chapter 1


Dr. Weymouth, in his translation of Romans 8:38, says that through Christ who loved us, we are more than conquerors over the whole demoniacal host: "The higher orders and the lower orders of evil spirits." More than conquerors: that is, victors or conquerors with a margin. This implies, that if those demons who were so vile as to merit being now bound with chains of darkness, were released, there is victory over them through our Conqueror.

In Philippians 1:28, Paul tells us, "In nothing terrified by your adversaries." Note the plural; demons are many, Satan is one. There is nothing to fear from evil spirits so long as we look to Christ the Triumphant One, who, on the cross, threw off the hosts of evil spirits. "And the hostile princes and rulers he shook off from himself, and boldly displayed them as His conquests, when by the cross He triumphed over them." (Colossians 2:15, Weymouth translation.)

John assures us that "greater is He (Jesus) that is in you than he (Satan) that is in the world." So we need not get panicky because of these evil hosts. Our Champion defeats them for us as we trust Him.

Lewis Chafer's book on Satan gives Jude's account of Michael, the archangel, contending with Satan about the removal of the body of Moses. Moses appearing on the mount of transfiguration necessitated that his body be resurrected, glorified and removed from its burying place. Michael, as the angel of the resurrection, had something, under God, to do with that removal. Michael, though an attendant around the throne of God, and endowed with vast powers, yet recognizes in Satan, in his fallen state, such dignity and power that he durst not bring a railing accusation against him, but said, "The Lord rebuke thee." In substance, Michael said, "Satan, you are too great for me; in my own strength I am not able to rebuke you, but I know One who can --

'The Lord rebuke thee.'" Oh, that we all may learn the futility of trying to fight Satan and his fallen hosts, the evil spirits, in our own strength, and, following the lead of, the archangel, confess our weakness, and turn Satan over to God. He assures us, "Ye shall not need to fight in this battle." But we may witness it -- "The Lord shall fight for you" -- and through Him we shall do valiantly. "For He it is that shall tread down our enemies before us." "God shall bruise Satan shortly, under your heel." "In the Lord Jehovah is everlasting strength." "Be strong in the Lord and the power of His might," was given in connection with the warfare against the evil principalities' and powers (which refers to Satan and demons) in the heavenly or high places above us. -- Eph. 6:12.

Jesus only can sustain. Shibboleths, slogans, blessings, or historic experiences, identification with movements, terms, or modes of interpretation are powerless in the wrath Satan is letting loose against the church. It can only be met by dependence on Christ. Satan fears nothing we seek to anchor in short of Jesus.

"More than conquerors?" What can that mean but conquering with ease and having reserve power to conquer more? Christ conquering with a margin for us, defeating the whole Satanic host and able to defeat more if they exist.

The two aviators who made the first non-stop flight across the Atlantic were not conquerors with a margin. Their oil and gas was gone before reaching the Irish Coast. They were compelled to volplane to make the landing at all. Had they been in a condition in machine endurance, fuel, oil, and human power, to start back to Newfoundland, or go on to London, 'they would have been more than conquerors; they would have crossed the ocean and could have done more. So Jesus defeats for us the prince of evil spirits and also the "higher and lower orders of demons" and more than does this -- we are conquerors and "then some" as one Chinese translation reads. (Romans 8:38.) Thank God, and fear not this terrible host. They are defeated and conquered for us by our mighty Champion. Accept the fact. When Jesus said, "I have won the victory over the world" (John 16:33, Weymouth), He included the world's prince and all the hosts of evil spirits in league with him.

Victors in the Enemy's Territory

Satan is the god of this world. He resented Christ's first advent to it, resented His remaining in it. He hates Christ's followers because of their relation to Christ. He would kill every one now who names Christ's name if he could get God's permission, as he will, during the Great Tribulation. God's children are victors in the enemy's country, conquerors in his camp. It is as if, during the war, an allied officer had walked boldly into the presence of the German General Staff. They threaten, but are powerless to injure him. An invisible presence gives victory among his enemies. So we are in the presence of countless demons who are our enemies. They resent our being on their territory, try to eject us, shoot us, shoot their fiery darts at us, but God has ordained that we shall not weary where Satan rules. When we lie down to rest, it is in the enemy's country-territory where Satan's seat is.

We are surrounded by countless thousands of evil spirits but our life is "hid with Christ in' God" and into the place of security Satan can not enter. Praise the Lord for victory through Christ in a hostile country!

One morning in the post office of an Ohio city a company of little boys and girls were having great fun pushing and riding around in the revolving door, Finally the postmaster, much vexed, and annoyed, came out of his office. He did not speak a word. The sight of him was enough to send them scampering in every direction. We could not repress a smile as we saw the parallel between those children and the scampering demons who have sought to annoy us. A simple reference to Jesus, and at the sight of his towering, majestic Presence, they cry out as of old, "We know thee, Jesus, who thou art," and away they scamper.

May the blessed Jesus teach us we are not sufficient of ourselves but our sufficiency is of God in whom is everlasting strength. We are without strength in ourselves but we are strong in the Lord.

 2011/8/11 0:56

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Hi Approved,
I enjoyed that article thank you.
If I had a pleasure of talking to Billy Graham,I could ask him the question,
Mr Graham you have seen hundreds of thousands come to Christ in your life time,Have you seen thousands and thousands of demonic manifestations and people seeing,hearing and speaking after the demons leave?
What would his answer be?
Yours Staff

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Scotland, UK


Quote:- I think but correct me if I am wrong but I think both sides of our discussion agree that their should be demon manifestation in some cases not all when a person becomes indwelt by the Holy Spirit if a christian cannot have a demon.

There are two different ways demons can work demonic possession and demonic influence.

Possession is where you are controled by a devil where as demonic influence is where you are influenced to act a ceratin way..

For example if there is an area of your life that is Unsanctified the Devil will see that area and he will attack you in that area. If you fall and sin you have manifested what you where being influnced to do..

Demonic influence operates through what you think, by what you hear, what you see and what you feel (your emotions)...

Colin Murray

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Hi Murrcolr,
Nice to hear from you,I am talking about demon possession that causes deaf,blindness and lack of speech and that manifests itself has it leaves yours staff

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Question; Does anyone know of any angel of God possessing a person?

2nd Question; Why is it that we have demonic angelic possession?

3rd Question; If God the Father birthes His Son in us and exchanges our spirit from satan to Christ in the believer and the Holy Spirit also, who is in charge, God or satan?

Christ in you: Phillip


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