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Discussion Forum : Scriptures and Doctrine : Where do demons occupy?

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Philip, you have to resist Satan, sometimes it means you rebuke him with truth.

 2011/8/7 22:57


"Where do demons occupy?"

Demons can only "occupy" what The Creator GOD ALL Mighty allows.

There is only one place that demons cannot "occupy" and that's a Saint of The Most High GOD!

Amen, Brother Philip.

The body of the Blood bought & washed Believer is The Temple of The LORD and we're seated in Heavenly Places 'with' Christ, Himself.

Every New Testament Church forms their "Statement of Faith" upon New Testament Scripture Only.

Not one New Testament Scripture has been given to Prove their point - that HOLY Spirit Filled people can be demon "occupied" ... because there are No New Testament Scriptures Proving their belief.

Again, "Heresy" in the Greek means "choice, the opinion Chosen".

This thread has an Agenda. To force this heresy on us because it's going on and on to many pages now, with No Scriptural proof - yet Much Scriptural Proof has been given to prove that a Christian cannot have a demon "in" them.
Not in their body, soul or spirit.

All attacks are external, as they were with Job.

The mind is the battle field. The enemy can just lie to us, but we have The WORD of GOD to counter those attacks.

Whether a person is saved or not, depends on the degree and length of time that a person lives in a lifestyle of serious sin.

Even the Barna polls show that the vast majority of "christians" don't fully believe The Word of GOD, nonetheless live by it.

If people 'choose' this opinion, that demons can "occupy" them - they can keep it and suffer whatever the enemy of their souls is permitted by GOD to accuse them of or do to them - especially in the last of the last days.

When a person believes a lie of this magnitude - they don't have The Scriptural Armor on and error breeds more error.

This teaching always leaves a person blaming their sin on Satan and never fully gives them any assurance that they'll always be "demon free".

Sin is never blamed on a demon in the Bible.

And those He sets free at the time they put their life in HIS Hands, will never have a demon occupying them from that day forward.

If you want to believe the opposite - that's your own anti-Word-of-GOD choice and we'll see what your victory record over fear is, as the years go by.

But He died to set men 100% free from demonic occupation the moment HE moves in.

Take your pick.

 2011/8/7 23:08

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I was set free when I became born again. Free in the spirit. My spirit is born new, and it is the Spirit of Christ, but my flesh is still the same old man, even as it has been quickened to be the temple of God. My spirit has eternal life but my body is still dying and rotting to the core and my old man mind can still want the pulls of the flesh, which are body pulls, they can be influenced by who I used to be as my father was Satan, I can as Paul says not do the things I should and the things I should do I don't. If you want to call these demonic or satanic oppression, I agree, but it is from my old man mind. Demons may be able to give suggestion to my old body pulls and I may sin, but even Peter when Satan wanted to sift him, before Peter was indwelt by the Spirit of Christ and the Holy Spirit, Jesus said He had prayed and when Peter returned to Jesus, he was to strengthen his brethren. But now we are indwelt by the Spirit of Christ and the Holy Spirit in our soul/mind, That is all I am trying to do here, is to know the the Christ in me is stronger than he that is in this world and with my mind I can defeat Satan at any turn because of the Christ in me, and the leading of the Holy Spirit. I may slip an waver at times and be carried away by my own lust and conceive sin, even if Satan does tempt, but we have an advocate with the Father who knows already what has happened and will cleanse us from all unrighteousness in our confession. That is what the Cross is all about, where Satan was defeated and I entered Gods Rest, which is Christ.

In Christ, In Christ, In Christ and He in me: Phillip


 2011/8/7 23:24Profile

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Correction: Demons can occupy what man allows, too.

Jesus-is-God is always pushing that Christians who believe that demons can establish strongholds within them are blaming demons on their sin. Yet, I have read time and time again, that these Christian say that is not the case. The truth is that Christians OPEN doors to the enemy to establish strongholds in their lives THROUGH SIN. I don't know how many times everyone has to keep saying this for Jesus-is-God to stop misrepresenting their statements.

Amen, Staff, Julius, Mikey and Approved.

Awesome post, Approved.

You see it is quite academic isn't it, whether you are demonized, demon oppressed, or demon possessed somewhere in your body? Does it really matter? No! The demon spirit has established a stronghold in you and this is a weak area of your life that is constantly causing you trouble. Don't stumble at terminology when the enemy has established a stronghold in you or on you. Many of you think that since the Holy Spirit is joined to your spirit that nothing else can come inside your body. Well then, why would the Holy Spirit let anything come ON your body? Say on the outside? You see, that won't hold up either. The fact of the matter is that Christians open doors to demon spirits through sin and their body is also attacked by spirits of infirmity.

So, the enemy needs to be cast out, cast off or cast away. Who cares what you want to call it. It is really academic, because the main thing is that you need to be delivered from it's hold on you and it's power over you.

Approved is right. As you pray and fast and draw close to the Lord, you will obtain freedom from the Lord concerning the stronghold in your life and many times you won't have any manifestation except the joy of the Lord will return to you as you are once again filled to overflowing with Spirit of God and His peace. Other times, there will be manifestations.

I really thought Christians knew about this sort of thing until I started reading this thread.

In Christ,

 2011/8/7 23:25Profile


Prove it with Scripture Sarah!

 2011/8/7 23:28

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It's already been done many, many times, Jesus-is-God.

You don't like our proof, or you just don't want to "see" it for some reason. It makes me wonder what happened in your life that prevents you from seeing the obvious.

In Christ,

 2011/8/7 23:31Profile


There has been no Scriptural "proof" that a demon can "occupy" a truly Saved human being.

 2011/8/7 23:35


The Book of Job is all we'll ever need to know. That GOD is in COMPLETE control over demons and they can't budge without His allowing it. And we see that there are no instances of demons being expelled from Born Again Christians in the Bible.

And the word "stronghold" is only used once and in context of what Paul was saying when he used that word, he was defending his ministry and the "stronghold" in that church was their "arguments" against Paul's authority and why he spent three chpts there defending himself.

You are using that word Un-Biblically.

"Foothold" is the word that you 'can' use, where it comes to these problems.

eta - but the word in the KJV is "advantage".
"Foothold" is used in other versions.

 2011/8/7 23:40


Sarah wrote: "So, the enemy needs to be cast out, cast off or cast away. Who cares what you want to call it. It is really academic, because the main thing is that you need to be delivered from it's hold on you and it's power over you."

Yet you say that you're not blaming demons for this sin that you are calling a "demonic stronghold"?


Still waiting for Scriptural Proof of Christians needing demons "cast out, cast off or cast away" because they've chosen to sin.

Scriptural Proof has not been given.

You wondered about what happened in my life to cause me to believe what I do. I studied demonology from the Bible Only for the last 35 yrs - after reading books that believe as you do, and found that those books contradict and misuse Scripture or don't bother to use any at all.

It was easy to understand Satan's limits, when reading everything that GOD wrote into His Book about Satan and demons.

 2011/8/8 0:06

Joined: 2011/6/16
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No, I am not blaming demons for our sin.

Again, just like Israel of old, we sin and rebel and this opens doors to the enemy and it is basically God's judgement, if you can handle that.

I stopped being impressed a long time ago at how much people studied or how many books they read. Real life and what works, is where the rubber meets the road and it either proves or disproves God's Word.

Going to bed, dear sister.

Sleep well,

 2011/8/8 0:15Profile

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