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 enough debate its about souls

I get so sad when I come on here....a place where I can find some real believers and I see what goes on. Example the "War on the saints" post. Back and forth bickering. Some one started a post asking a question and so many have to prove their much understanding of the scriptures and their intimate knowledge of the Lord and his ways to "prove" another brother/sister wrong and correct them. "Why not rather be wronged"..."knowledge puffs up edifies" I mean who really cares. Billions of people are going to hell and we are arguing about whether a christian can be demon possessed. Well done thou good and faithful servant you won so many debates on SI. I doubt we will hear that. And the man going to hell could care less. Brothers and sisters we show our immaturity , pride , selfcenteredness when this is our focus.
lets join together stop the debating and get the job done the Master has called us to do. Oh Lord for one more soul I plead. Time is short .....Please Please focus on the task at hand lest when the Master comes He find You sleeping or in idle debate.


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 Re: enough debate its about souls

Agreed brother,

May I ask what do you do ini your area to spread the good news? Perhaps this thread can be a place of repentance and discussion on what really matters and the steps we take daily to reach the prize set before us. And yes we can all agree on this Christ is the driving force in it all without Him our work is vainity.

Matthew Guldner

 2011/7/11 7:10Profile


Yes, sometimes the discussions on here get heated. We must also understand that Paul and Barnabas had a heated disagreement over the direction of their ministry… so much so that they parted ways. The Bible never records that episode as being sinful for either party. Both went on to effective ministries separately. All thru history we see heated debates over God’s Word… and whether we want to believe it or not the fact is that God worked much good thru those debates. And sometimes for both sides!

When a debate is motivated by flesh and pride we certainly do need to repent. I don’t think anyone here will argue about that even tho we can all get caught up in that.

But there are folks who come here who have a low view of theology and doctrine, and see no need for it… and do not wish to discuss the deeper things of God, and they view God as “love love love” and deny His other equal attributes. A lot of times (not always) these are the folks who accuse the brethren of being argumentative, unloving and divisive even over the lightest discussions of theology and doctrine.

Doctrine IS important, and we are commanded to “contend” for the faith.

Iron sharpens iron... and most of the doctrines that I hold to developed in me thru debating! Praise God.

I believe there is room for debate, even heated debate, so long as we keep our flesh and pride out of it and keep the glory of God as the focus.


 2011/7/11 8:43

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Krispykrittr...which by the way I love your tag. I am a doctrine junkie. I devour the writings of John Owen, Edwards, Towzer, Packer, Pink, Piper and so on. But being a former Word of Faith Pastor who God graciously saved from that cult I was never won over (this is just me I understand not everyone) to ,for example, the Sovereignty of God, by debate but by the scriptures and the Holy Spirit.


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I understand Enoch's concern as it is about sharing the gospel. As one who came out of a system of theology that will be unnamed I saw more debates than soul winning. To my shame even participated in those debates. BUT there are times we have to contend for the very gospel we are to share. This forum has already pointed out how Islam is being promoted by evangelical churches. The synergy of Christianity and Islam is giving rise to a heresy known as chrislam. Just one more heresy among many to contend against. We need to be balanced as the apostle Paul. Paul was fervent in his preaching of Christ. Yet he would contend for the gospel when necessary. May we be as he.

 2011/7/11 9:20

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I believe there is room for debate, even heated debate, so long as we keep our flesh and pride out of it and keep the glory of God as the focus.

Discuss the issue and not take pot shots at the speaker... :-)

Sandra Miller

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 Re: enough debate its about souls

point taken...BUT...

Souls are only won by Gospel Truth. God alone regenerates and adopts us into His family.

There are many who are merely reproducing themselves by their false gospel,and growing in great numbers,their own kingdoms. Not only do the blind leaders fall into the ditch, but those they lead as well.

I have been to almost 60 churches in the last 4 years. You won't find much debating in most churches, as everyone pretty much just does what is right in their own eyes.

Certainly there is unhealthy debating and probably too much of it, but what there is not enough of is debate which is healthful for the soul.

If we had no enemies of the Gospel I'd heartily agree that debates should cease. But Gospel Truth is rare in this our day.

A false god can only produce a false gospel.
We must not only believe the truth but love the truth.
Love is defined by Truth. And no lie is of the Truth.
All is tainted when the God of Truth is misrepresented.
We are commanded to Love the LORD our God with all our heart,with all our mind,and with all our strength.
A mind which believes what is false is in danger of hell fire. There is "another gospel","another spirit",and "another jesus".
It will do us well to examine ourselves and our doctrine. Because what we believe ultimately determines what we do.
An extreme example would be those who believe in universal salvation. Not only is such a lie, but it could lead one to live in a manner not worthy of the Gospel.
More might be said, but I'll say no more!

God alone saves.

Psalm 121:1-8

Matthew 1:21 And she will bear a son, and you shall call His name Jesus, for He shall save His people from their sins.

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Yes Enochh, it 'is' about souls and if you had seen the fruit of a certain belief destroy souls, would you not speak up? In this case, you mention the belief that "christians can be demon possessed".

I felt just the opposite of what you are expressing.
I felt, where are those who claim to care for souls on this thread - that believe from The Word of GOD that Christians Can-Not be "possessed" by both The Spirit of Creator GOD and devils at the same time.

I felt - don't they care for souls? Why are they being silent because I know there are others here that do not believe this teaching but why do they allow others to believe this and be tormented by this thought for the rest of their lives, every time Satan whispers a lie into their minds.

I felt they just didn't care enough for souls - just as you all feel that we should just remain quiet on this thing.

 2011/7/11 10:51


Dont misunderstand me... we can and do get out of balance. Among believers tho, debate and discussing doctrine can be healthy when done in a spirit of love and understanding.

Of course we do not debate with unbelievers. With unbelievers we DECLARE. There is no debate.

Enoch... sounds like our back grounds are similar. I took the looooooooonng journey from WOF to reformed. Took over 10 years (I'm a slow learner and thick in the skull). I learned a tremendous amount when I joined this site and debated and discussed anything you can think of!


 2011/7/11 11:10

Joined: 2008/5/23
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Monroe, LA - USA

 TICK TOCK TICK TOCK TICK TOCK .... soon they are all gone

As stewards of our time, talent, and treasure, we will all give account of how we used each second.

If we look at the relatively few occasions of heated debate amongst brethren in the lives of Paul, Barnabas, and Peter, and try to justify hours and days of fine-tuning theological standpoints, we could easily fall into a trap that would end in hearing the words: “and cast the unprofitable servant into outer darkness …”

Every Thursday, I give a Bible study to a group of sinners who know absolutely nothing about Bible stories that I knew MUCH about at the age of 5. When we see a vast majority of souls perishing for lack of knowledge, we have to ask ourselves as good stewards are we using the seconds that are tick-tocking away wisely, or not.

It is obvious that Paul spent MUCH more time with the unlearned than in heated disagreements with brethren. The main reason that we have the epistles (for the saints) is because he was in jail so much (God’s plan and design). Otherwise, he would have been on the streets with those who had never heard, or going from house to house.
Personal stewardship is an individual matter that we will individually give account for.

Heb 10:24 And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works: .

Thanks, Enochh for provoking us to good works.

Michael Strickland

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