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May as well while were at it, get rid of Baked Beans,

Very comical Bill but remember the words of Jesus that it's not what goes in the mouth that defiles the man but what comes out.

There is a big difference in eating food in moderation that is sanctified by the word of God and prayer, than in receiving worldliness in your spirit that is reserved only for communion with God.

Blessings to you!

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thanks for you kind words ,narrow path , may you also be blessed

i dont think we can put on the same level baked beans

and renewing the mind

like our brother just said it not what goes in but what comes out of the mouth

and paul said all foods are concidred clean if eaten with thanks giving ,and santified the word by prayer

maby a person has a genitc problem with weight ,ar are on medacation ,wher by they need to only eat ceataint foods like vegatables and verry little fats , to stay healty probable shoud by pass the backed beens ect

like our brother said moderation is the word

idont think it is possable consume satan in moderation and still be effected

the words of many secural songs ,are not gods words ,but in reality are satanic and damaging to the mind

most songs are about fornacation ,we dont need to be encourage in these things , nor should we justafie songs that are clearly desensatising our youth to the horrable realitys of fornacation

im not trying to be silly but it is mind controling,and brain washing realy ,,and the film clips ,are leading young boys towards pornoragapy , becasue of the simalarity ,

i dont think our brothers and sisters here and me have fully detached our selvs from the world ,but if we will continue to move towards holiness ,justafiing wouldly things is something that has no proffet in our lives any more ,even if they still tug on our hearts

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Since Bill tried humor I think I will give it a go.

(satire on)

I am pretty sure they are going to be playing rock and roll in hell, at least I couldn't imagine a more fitting place for it. Forcing someone to listend to that blasted noise for eternity would be hell enough even without the fire. Throw in a little fire though, along with a little weeping and gnashing of teeth, and all of a sudden rock and roll would fit right in. Play it nice and loud too, all day and all night, so there can be no rest. I am sure it will not sound much different than all the rest of the wailing going on in there. Instead of banging garbage can lids together for the usual sound, people can just keep banging their chains over and over and over again.

I could add other types of music as well, but the old R&R whether secular or "christian" is just such an easy target.

(satire off)

How was that Bill?

P.S. Good job Carter on cleaning up that filth.


 2011/6/21 1:02

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Old_Joe Since Bill tried humor I think I will give it a go.

Thank you for recognizing that, you have to have a sense of humor to recognize a sense of humor, I think a few folks thought I was serious. I guess without the smiley faces it's sometimes hard to show were trying to be funny. I know there are a lot of Christians that think humor and being funny is a sin, but there are a few of them that out yonder that still enjoy some humor, so I try to help out the ones that enjoy it.


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Thanx Mr.Bill

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Now, all kidding aside, I find that when I am forced to listen to this music I truly do believe that it is a sound only fit for hell, and were it possible for there to be a CD player there that surely it would be playing this stuff.


 2011/6/21 14:37

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The Lord purify us and you also should purify ourselves brother. Be not deceived.

"Beloved, now are we the sons of God, and it doth not yet appear what we shall be: but we know that, when he shall appear, we shall be like him; for we shall see him as he is. And every man that hath this hope in him purifieth himself, even as he is pure." 1 John 3:2-3, KJV

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 Freedom and love for Jesus!

I couldn't resist. My too mites were burning holes in my typing fingers..[all one of them..]

"A MIGHTY FORTRESS IS OUR GOD!" was perhaps the most popular tune sung at the October-fests, and Beer Halls during Luther's Day...[ or at least a very close form of it...]

Here is a good link, that goes on to explore the impossibility of the "unholy note" argument by Rick Warren in his Purpose Driven Life."...

Following by Mark Sooy....
"But the controversy surrounding Luther’s use of both ‘religious’ and ‘secular’ folk music may well be beside the point.
As observed earlier, the line in Medieval Germany between the sacred and the secular is, musically speaking, difficult to draw. A tune used to accompany a story about St. Anne may, the next night, be used to tell the news of the Emperor’s death, and then to describe the value of a good mistress.

One historian of the period writes, “All types of [folk] music were monophonic…composed of four to eight lines of poetry, and based on simple musical structures such as the German Bar form (AAB).” Here is where the popular notion of Luther use of 'bar music' comes in.

Luther did indeed use popular ‘bar’ music. What this means, however, is that Luther used a very common compositional technique in setting his hymns to music. It does not mean that Luther necessarily raided the taverns of Wittenberg for ‘secular’ tunes for his church.".......................Mark [email protected] "www.The Worldview Church website.....

I spent many years in "The Vineyard" movement.[circa 1980-1995]..which in my opinion, revolutionized Christian Music as much as the Early Days of Maranatha Music and Calvary Chapel...[circa 1972 ]. [It was amazing for us young Jesus Freaks to have worship in the context of our music.]

The Vineyard however..propelled contemporary music into Godly worship on an higher level than ever...with beautiful songs with sweet melodies that expressed our love of the risen Savior, and adoration. Isn't Adoration in Praise to Jesus High Praise in itself?...Many other psalmists have arose to meet the challenge...along with many others bearing the stench of the Flesh.

Anyone out there ever hear STRYPER?... Heavy duty head-bangers with the "Ramones" wall of sound comin' at you , usually at 125 decibels or more. But there were no goats-heads or the "horns" handsigns..but Christianized satanic vibes from this hideous refuse of a musical invention.

Today ,also there is a spiritualized Romanticism of a syrupy love embrace that reduces to Jesus' love to the embrace of a sensual bride...a Bridal Paradigm type of love-song that in my view is equally sickening....marrying Jesus , kissing Him...and other realms of marital bliss. This is primarily evident in catholic circles, and movement Christianity such as IHOP.

It is not worship..but reduces our soul-emotions and sensuality into a religious apparition of what loving God really is. we keep it all in the safety of the Reformational Fathers? Some do, for sure...and some refuse all music as carnal. The issue of Musical Psaltery is within the heart, and the Faith of Man. It can be a simply broken cry, or statement that Jesus is worthy...and expressed in terms that your toddler would be familiar.........

Or "Playing Skillfully" as David did, and the evident pomp of an army of musicians and singers meeting daily to exalt the King....even marching to battle against real armies.

I vote for freedom in worship...and extravagant Praise....but let us keep it within the bounds of holy conviction that will be known by all. I would like to end by saying that I have had experiences in corporate worship the are unequaled in Joy and Love...and a couple where the manifest Glory of God fell in substance. I have seen 300 people arise at once, on a hidden que, and begin to dance unto the Lord with Shekinah Glory upon all....and have seen it end,,just a quick.


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 Re: Freedom and love for Jesus!

hi, we old people think most music of the young has to be folks think classical music is demonic and vice versa. latinos love latin music. there is only 8 notes plus sharps and flats.which ones are demonic?the rap ones and the loud rock ones of course.jimp

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 Re: Freedom and love for Jesus!

I really liked your post. Your post has given us a bit of history as well as a spiritual perspective.

However, I am really heart broke by many denominations (including mine) and the non-denominational churches, not only in my area but through out the United States as well, because of there unholiness when it comes to music.

It is my opinion that many churches believe (correct me if I am wrong) that in order to get juveniles into the church they need to play "rock band" style music during worship instead of the century old favorites in the hymnals. As an example "the old rugged cross" or "Amazing Grace".

A few weeks ago I met the pastor of a local Methodist church. Pastor "Buck" is considered to be a new church start pastor. He is a very nice gentleman, however, when I ask about his church, he told me that they have a very lively worship service. "So and so from one of the variety shows in our area is the worship leader".

That pretty much told me that they may play rock music in their worship service.

It is the same with IHop. When I tuned into one of the services they played rock music during the worship. How is that uplifting? I couldn't understand all of the lyrics at all. It leaves me wondering if the lyrics were even biblical.

How can you have revival with that kind of music?

William Cato

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