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Discussion Forum : General Topics : What WAS Tozer doing in there??

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What was Tozer doing in there?

From David Wilkerson's memorial (I think it was from one of his brothers or sons): "Down on the floor, with his nose pressed against that dim mirror to see Him" (1 Cor 13:12). I loved that! I thought he was going to say with his nose pressed against that old carpet or hard floor, but he said 'that dim mirror'. Wonderful!

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Hi RobertW,

Since aspersions are being cast upon me publicly by JiG, I will have to answer them, publicly. Indeed, I did just find out about editing of posts. JiG did not mention to the forum that her 2 posts to me were within a minute of each other. That might seem important (to make public) I would think, otherwise one might believe that I was warned twice on separate occasions. Shortly after her two immediate posts I came online and apologized to you and the other moderators.

She may have warned me in some of her other posts, but if she did I did not see them. I guess I feel like she is stalking me in my posts on this forum and very angry so I don't read much of her posts as I believe they will just be combative towards me and I desire to walk in peace. That is probably why I missed any warnings that she speaks of.


 2011/5/18 20:56

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I apologize for not reading this lengthy thread before replying, but my response is to the OP anyway. Love the heart and question! Your post reads very genuine and blessed me just to read it.


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hi, who cares whos little bitty toes have been stepped on, the question was what was tozer doing in there? it is obvious that we have brought out that he was human as we are with his own 'demons'... that answers our question... he was on his face before the Lord making himself available to hear from imperfect as he was... and he heard...his writings are from the throne.jimp

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 to 777

I don't stalk or lie or falsely accuse, but you are lying. [sorry you other guys]
Besides the link you gave to that demonology post that you changed back then - this thread and the incident the other night when you knew what you were doing and that I was watching and that I kept answering you within the same post as you repeatedly changed yours - remember "Oy"?

How many threads does that make now?
End of topic for me.
You should have excepted or expected the reason 'why' I had to finally bring it up publically. Wish you had.

 2011/5/18 22:36

 Re: to 777

Dear Sister Jig,

May the Lord bless you abundantly above all you can ask or think. I have absolutely nothing against you whatsoever and will pray for the Lord to bless you spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally. May He bless your whole man and spirit. Amen.


 2011/5/19 0:00


Thank you. I left my heart's prayer for you on the previous page.

"Praying Till We PRAY"

Dr. Moody Stuart, a great praying man of a past generation, once drew up a set of rules to guide him in his prayers. Among these rules is this one: "Pray till you pray." The difference between praying till you quit and praying till you pray is illustrated by the American evangelist John Wesley Lee. He often likened a eason of prayer to a church service, and insisted that many of us close the meeting before the service is over. He confessed that once he arose too soon from a prayer session and started down the street to take care of some pressing business. He had only gone a short distance when an inner voice reproached him. "Son," the voice seemed to say, "did you not pronounce the benediction before the meeting was ended?" He understood, and at once hurried back to the place of prayer where he tarried till the burden lifted and the blessing came down.

The habit of breaking off our prayers before we have truly prayed is as common as it is unfortunate. Often the last ten minutes may mean more to us than the first half hour, because we must spend a long time getting into the proper mood to pray effectively. We may need to struggle with our thoughts to draw them in from where they have been scattered through the multitude of distractions that result from the task of living in a disordered world.

Here, as elsewhere in spiritual matters, we must be sure to distinguish the ideal from the real. Ideally we should be living moment-by-moment in a state of such perfect union with God that no special preparation is necessary. But actually there are few who can honestly say that this is their experience. Candor will compel most of us to admit that we often experience a struggle before we can escape from the emotional alienation and sense of unreality that sometimes settle over us as a sort of prevailing mood.

Whatever a dreamy idealism may say, we are forced to deal with things down on the level of practical reality. If when we come to prayer our hearts feel dull and unspiritual, we should not try to argue ourselves out of it. Rather, we should admit it frankly and pray our way
through. Some Christians smile at the thought of "praying through," but something of the same idea is found in the writings of practically every great praying saint from Daniel to the present day. We cannot afford to stop praying till we have actually prayed.

 2011/5/19 0:59


I did read that post JiG, :-) thank you very much.

To God be the glory.


 2011/5/19 1:20

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 Re: What WAS Tozer doing in there??

Dr. Tozer told me as a mature man in his sixties that there where times when he lay on the rug for an hour, two hours, three hours, four hours and never uttered a word of prayer, and never uttered a word of praise. He said, "I'm lost in adoration, I see Him in His glory, in His majesty, in His beauty. I can hear those holy beings crying, 'Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord.'" And he said, "I'm silent in adoration before Him. I had no language, it is beggered." And he had a vocabulary as good as any man I know, and he had read more of the mystics, I think, than any man I know, and he had some of the closest encounters to God of any man I know.

Leonard Ravenhill


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Ohio USA


Deeper, Deeper

1) Deeper, deeper in the love of Jesus
Daily let me go;
Higher, higher in the school of wisdom,
More of grace to know.


O deeper yet, I pray,
And higher every day,
And wiser, blessed Lord,
In Thy precious, holy Word.

2) Deeper, deeper, blessed Holy Spirit,
Take me deeper still,
Till my life is wholly lost in Jesus,
And His perfect will.


3) Deeper, deeper! though it cost hard trials,
Deeper let me go!
Rooted in the holy love of Jesus,
Let me fruitful grow.


4) Deeper, higher, every day in Jesus,
Till all conflict past,
Finds me conqueror, and in His own image
Perfected at last.


5) Deeper, deeper in the faith of Jesus,
Holy faith and true;
In His power and soul exulting wisdom
Let me peace pursue.


Charles Price Jones, 1900


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