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Discussion Forum : General Topics : What WAS Tozer doing in there??

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I won't tar and feather Ada or throw stones. We are all fragile and sometimes the pressure gets to be too much for many us. I actually applaud her for hanging in there and raising the 7 kids. I think the Lord will commend her for that. She was left with a lot of responsibility and I wonder how many could actually have done what she did?

I know two separate couples whose marriage dissolved because the husband was so passive that he would not take care of his family or interact with them and the pressure on the wives became horrendous. In both cases the wife filed for divorce. It is sad when they are driven to this because I don't think that is a natural tendency of women and definitely not a spiritual tendency. God said, "her desire would be towards her husband".

In both cases the wife was trying to save what little bit of sanity she had left. She had to be the father, mother and wife including the breadwinner, the cook, the teacher of the children, etc, etc. One family had 2 kids, one had 3 kids.

So, I commend Ada who had 7 kids. You can't take one statement and say that she did not support her husband or that she was not a good wife. If we choose to live lonely lives and alienate ourselves from those that love us, there is not much anyone can do, not even your own wife.

I think she might be a hero of the faith.


 2011/5/17 19:27


What could 'your' wife divulge about you and your marriage if you died tomorrow and would she be a hero for doing so?

ETA: especially if she found someone who treated her more attentively then you had and compared him to you or vice versa.

And what if you had affected the lives of probably near millions for nothing but Good all of your life.

 2011/5/17 19:34


I just need to ask: "who" was the focus with Ada?

Was it the millions that Tozer got onto the straight and narrow, as few men of our times could do or was it all about Ada?

Look at this quote from one of these 'biographers' - ""Aiden loved Jesus Christ, Leonard loves 'ME'."

emphasis mine.

Pro 17:9 He that covereth a transgression seeketh love; but he that repeateth a matter separateth very friends.

Makes me wonder about the hearts/motives of these biographers as well.

 2011/5/17 19:55


AW, probably would back her up in what she said. I have read many of his books and he does not seem to be one to deny the truth.


 2011/5/17 19:56


You missed my last post because we posted almost at the same minute.

*Edited: Needed to remove one sentence because Anonymous777 removed a few sentences from his post; [as is becoming his habit]; that my one sentence was in reply to.
- Oh for "Truth in the inward parts".

 2011/5/17 20:00


A wise man once told me these two things when I was a new Father.

"Find out what you want your kids to be when they grow up and you become that man first."

He was talking about character not a job, skill or craft. That one floored me. It's a lifelong occupation to be like Jesus.

We want them to be like Jesus, so we must walk, talk and act like the Lord to them.

And you have all heard this one.

"More is caught than taught". It's not so much what you say, but who you are to them.

God bless you all,

 2011/5/17 20:02


As I've posted twice now - I don't want cliches or men's opinions, I want to search HIS WORD and find out about the Great men of GOD that had major ministries of either prophet or apostle and find out how much time they spent with their wives and children.

That's all I've asked for, starting with my first post.

I don't want this "average guy" talk - I want to know how the big guys in the Word handled being married and with children, yet ministered to thousands or millions.

 2011/5/17 20:08


There is no such thing as "big guys".

Only Jesus is the BIG GUY.


 2011/5/17 20:15


Again, I'm a woman and if my husband were truthfully and successfully leading that great number of people to a living and biblically sound understanding of Christ and breaking down the garbage in the Church - then I would be more than happy to do without him and be "a keeper of the home and be saved by child birth" - not forgetting what The Word says that women are supposed to do. And I'm not perfect neither - but to be married to a man of GOD that is doing a work that is not the par for my generation - I can stay home and mind the children as the Word of GOD says I should. I think that is what I see in His Word and what women like Suzannah Wesley did with her life with her, over a dozen children.

These women set precedents for other women, when they read these things from Ada.

And these biographers haven't done any of us any favors.

There are other ways to get the message to your average Joe about being an attentive loving husband and present father, than to tear into a man that affected so many by quoting the back-stabbing self-centered things that his wife said.

It's the example that these biographers are helping to set for "women" that is wrong. A women cannot be "Christ centered" and say that Tozer loved Jesus Christ but this new husband loves ME. Christ is not being put First in this and neither are the multiple thousands who were set in the right direction through Tozer's ministry - that GOD obviously annoited.

I don't particularly care to have that example of what a wife does after her husband is DEAD and can't give his side of their story. BAD example. Bad example to write about a man, when he and his closest friends are not here to defend him, or tell more about his wife. What type of wife she was.


 2011/5/17 20:20


We are not measured by our ministry.

Mat 7:22 Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?

Not saying this about AW, just about measuring men by their ministry.


 2011/5/17 20:27

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