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No friend, I liked your post and thought it was in the sovereignty of God that you would by what you called a mistake, post it several times, because it needs to be read several times, till it hits home. We need to have the persecuted teach us the lesson of the cross. I appreciate your ministry and pray many will become more aware of the need to pray that the Lord may have mercy on us when persecution reach this land and raise others to pray for us.


 2011/4/26 19:21Profile

 Re: Dear Unto

My friend the entry that posted several times was from my end s mistake bit from God's petspective???? You may be right. May we have the humility to learn from the persecuted. May we pray for the persecuted in Somilia. Please come on our call and pray with us. Check my prpfile under Martyr. You will see an enail address. Send me ab email and I will give you the contact info.

 2011/4/26 20:41

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