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 fear God and keep His commandments

"fear God and keep His commandments".


Fear: from Strong's

Feminine of H3373; fear (also used as infinitive); morally reverence: - X dreadful, X exceedingly, fear (-fulness).

Fear. How much are we really scared of God? So scared we have an abiding fear?

To think that one could love something you fear sounds like an absolute contradiction.

Let me illustrate with a fact from life.

In our greenhouses we sometimes buy a hive of bumble bees to pollinate our flowers. Not only will the bees pollinate our flowers, they do have a stinger and they can sting. But they are quite docile insects - most of the time. They go about their work and I go about mine. I can be working on the tops of the plants and they can be working 12 inches away from me and we work well - together. BUT. I fear them. I love their work but I also know what I can and cannot do. I know right well what will anger them and what that anger sounds like and feels like!

I love these insects, but I will revere them, respect them and it all began as fear. My respect is an outgrowth of accepting the fear and allowing it to teach me my limitations and the bees' strength.

So it is with God. Our first response to him is one rooted in fear. After one accepts that, understands its value, you will have a complete change of heart towards Him.

Fear is a great motivator. It teaches you of your own limitations, sometimes in very rude, painful ways. Ignorance will not spare you from its consequences, hence motivating you to learn what you can about this thing that has so much power over you. So it is with God. We learn what we can and in the process we develop an awesome respect and admiration for this person who is so much bigger and greater then we.

It is this loss of fear of God that has hasten apostasy in the western church. Back in the 1970s people were saying fear does not mean being scared of God but it means loving God, hence removing from Him the Awe that He deserved. Instead of God being the great awesome being that He is, this teaching downgraded God to a warm fuzzy teddy bear status.

When one fears God, walking with Him becomes so much easier, his commandment will not be troublesome. But if or when they are, he will lift us up because we are yoked together with him - picture a team of animals yoked together pulling a carriage, a plow, anything. They work together, pulling. In a team there is always a lead animal where the others will follow. Is this not a beautiful analogy of God walking with us, enabling us to live in obedience to Him? I think so.

When everything has all been said and done this is the sum of it all: "The conclusion, when all has been heard, is: fear God and keep His commandments, because this applies to every person."

Sandra Miller

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