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Koheleth, I have heard of testimonies from people who came to the Lord through door to door visition from Christians. I heard of one person who was on the verge of suicide when a Christian knocked on his door and shared the gospel with him, which led him to turn to the Lord.

sonsigns, thank you for the list of Scriptures. Though the Lord definitely uses quotes from his servants to encourage and exhort us, quotes from His Word are most important for us to heed.

Regarding door to door evangelism, I had forgotten about that verse(Matt.10:7). I agree with sonsigns on the interpretation. They were not to lodge from house to house in each city. They were to lodge in one house in each city.


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 Re: The Need for Evangelism

Thanks for posting! I remember a brother speaking on the subject who said: "we are all standing in the potatoe patch with sacks in our hands talking about the right way to dig potatoes, and none of us are doing anything".

Oh Lord help us!

Michael Strickland

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