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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Brian McLaren Defends Rob Bell against Mohler's Critique

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As a side note, Mohler agreed with McLaren's conclusion.

Are you suggesting these guys are engaged in a theological circus? If this is true...Oh. My. My imagination just won't stop...

Sandra Miller

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Rob Bell writes book

Albert Mohler critiques book (as liberal theology at best, heresy at worst) in order to keep folks from straying

Rob Bell's friend, Brian McLaren, fires back at Albert Mohler for being so arrogant to assume he can actually understand the gospel and calls Evangelicals, conservative at best, right wing Republicans at worst

Albert Mohler responds to McLaren's critique of his critique, saying McLaren and Bell are still wrong on the gospel, but possibly (and to his shame) have accurately observed recent Evangelicalism


I wouldn't call it a circus, more like a debate (buzz word would be conversation); people have debated about Bible beliefs since Christ came. Kind of like a modern day Council of Nicaea but through blogs and without universal-binding authority on the Church.


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