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Well, it sounds like you're in a better place than many...Continued blessings on your home and family!

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Two years ago, I was going through a very difficult time in my Christian walk. I was having to make a very difficult decision. I was hurting, I was confused, and I confess I was afraid. I had prayed and believed I had the Lord's direction on the matter, but yet I doubted, not God's willingness and ability to speak to me, one of His sheep, but my ability to discern His voice. I didn't feel free to share the details of the situation with anyone except my husband, who is always very supportive, but because he is not a Christian, it's hard for him to always understand. I did share it with him, but I desperately needed to share it with someone Christian, for someone to know the entire situation who I knew would be faithful to pray and to pray God's will and not mine. I had been on the World Challenge, Inc. mailing list for several years and had written to them on occasion with prayer requests and such, so I sat down and poured my heart out in a letter, requesting prayer, not expecting a response. It helped just to know that someone would be praying.....Soon after I received an envelop in the mail with a short note which read:

Dear Drema,

Thank you for writing to our ministry...

We want to encourage you in the Lord. In the enclosed newsletter Rev. Wilkerson states "GOD HAS NOT FORGOTTEN YOU! He knows exactly where you are, and what you are going through right now, and He is monitoring every step along your path."

Please know we are praying for you as you make a decision about **edited**. May God bless you and keep you in His wonderful mercy and grace.

In His service,
Correspondence Assistant

I will always be grateful to the Lord for the person who sent this to me. God used the message in that newsletter to minister mightily to my heart. He gave me peace about the situation, courage to continue moving forward and the absolute assurance that He was holding me in His hand, that His promises were rock solid and that by His grace and mercy I was going to be o.k. I've read it several times over the past two years and the Lord still speaks to my heart through it every time. I've included the link to the newsletter below, in hopes that it might encourage and comfort someone else.


 2011/3/12 21:53



Thank you for the smile.

 2011/3/12 23:42

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Wow, that was beautiful Drema,

I woke up this morning feeling very lost, forgotten, and totally broken. I just failed to progress on a major examination, that has wheeled at my confidence, my intelligence, and my ability.....

I woke up just in tears, I have no joy right now, none that I can think of, my disappointment has overwhelmed me, and I canfind no place to rest my heavy heart....

When Oh God, I know it might be wrong for me to think of only myself during this time, when so many have it worst, but i am cast down, I do not know the God i have professed for so long, no matter how much I attempt to hope in him or confess.

I am filled with abandonment, yes, I do feel like I am in somewhat of a pityparty, but Iam in anguish wondering when the lifter of my head, that is, if there is one, will come and redeem me either from this place, or he can give me the nuggets I need to bear this "place" courageously and joyfully.

My bones feel broken, I do not know which way is up or down currently, I am filled with despair, but I do continue to have an inkling of faith in the creator to somehow care for me.

From my heart,
MoG0000, hard to even call myself a man of God right now

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Brother, do you believe that you could be content in just Knowing that many of us are praying that you'll come through and that after you have been tested, you'll comfort your brethren one day soon enough?

I pray so, because we are in your corner praying.

Even though sometimes GOD doesn't give others 'words' for us - their prayers are effectual. And because we pretty much have all been where you are and had to go through it by ourselves as well - with "just" The Prayers of the Saints - we can testify that it was surely worth learning and growing with Just Him as our answer-er.

Many of us have been through probably more than you'd ever guess - and alone.

Bless you & may He keep you and open the eyes of your understanding by fellowshipping here with us, all!

 2011/3/13 14:27

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Ditto to Jesus-is-God's post.....

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This is in reply to Jesus-is-God,

Brothers n sisters,

My bones feel Broken, I am a 40 plus old man who has been all of life as I would put it, but right now, I feel abandoned. Yes, I can believe in the fact that some very powerful people are praying for me, the saints, the saints of scripture. Yes I can believe that!

I have been a crack addict and iv drug user fro
The age of 16-19, I have gone to war, desert storm/ shield, I have had a terrible upbringing, I have been through many trials in between, an too many To , this one has taken a lot out of me, it
Has dealt with my Mind More than ever, this one is tough, and I will
Survive, I will
Come through but it is tough in the meantime.

Thank u friends

 2011/3/13 16:00Profile


Dear ManOfGOD. I sat here just praying over this page of this thread after reading your last post.

Well, I can't go into my life story but I can tell you dear Brother what helped me.
I'll be 58 next week - the day of the "super-moon" :) - Look out, they say, that may give some of us a documentable reason to get looney. (jk) But, as a medical person, you may have heard of the affects it has on patients, such as in Nursing Homes, even during just a normal full moon. [double smiles]

Anyhow, my suggestion above was to hang-out here and believe that others are holding up your arms in prayer. Yes, that helps more than going it completely alone but besides doing that, for me, back when my life was as hard as you can imagine, some years back - I finally found a good pastor who seemed to see right through me and a great bunch of people in that fellowship.
That pastor's door & phone-line was open to me, any time I needed to talk. And also the Senior's group. All those folks 20 yrs or more older than me. And then also - two friends who I could call from other States as well. But it was, at that time, that I learned that face to face contact with a caring person did more for me than anything else.

I just said all of that to ask - have you anywhere that you could go to talk?

Having someone you can sit and talk to and then call when it's really tough?

I learned so much from that church. It was a PCA church.
I don't know what State you're in, but you could do a search of any PCA churches in your area. In the U.S., the north is much different than the south, as far as churches go. I tried the PCA up here in the north and it's not the same as the one I'm still a member of down south - but that may not be the case where you are.
A fellowship or church doesn't have to be PCA to have a fantastic pastor though. I'm sure you know that.

You need a strong man of GOD to talk to face to face Brother and I only say that from my years of being crushed as well. Just knowing that someone is carrying your burden with you is like taking the weight of a tractor trailer off your back - amen!

We'll pray you find such a friend in your area. OK?

You have the best friend in Jesus - you know that - but He uses the "each other" principle as well or very much so, at times.
Hang in there and try to focus on others too. That kept me sane - bottomline and you can do that too!

Hang in there - OK?!

 2011/3/14 1:50

Joined: 2010/6/8
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thank you Jesus-is-God,

I will survive, I will treat this moment in time as if I am on the tV show "survivor", and I will continue to fight....

 2011/3/14 15:11Profile


Brother ManofGod, I agree with everything Jesus-is-God wrote in that last post...

I, too, went through a very difficult "time of torment" when I was a fairly new Christian. I was attending a church at the time with a pastor & his wife and a core group of senior saints who helped me tremendously. I didn't know them really at all, but in what I can only call desperation I reached out to the pastor and shared with him what was going on in my heart & my head. He and his wife became mainstays for me. They counselled and prayed me through much. Also, many of those senior saints, just took it upon themselves to hold me up in prayer without even knowing any details of my struggle. I had some really tough days through the following year or so. Often, when I went to church, I would just greet a few of them and whisper, "Remember me when you pray, God knows the need." It helped me so much to know that they were praying. My faith was so weak at the time, I wasn't even sure that God would hear my prayers, but somehow I knew instinctively that He would hear theirs. That was way back in 1992-1993.... God used others to express His love and to tenderly care for me. Praise God!

I, too, am praying for you dear brother in Christ...

 2011/3/14 17:35

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