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 For the Hurting

It is a great deliverance to lose one's self. There is no heavier millstone than self-consciousness. It is so easy to become introverted and coiled around ourselves in our spiritual consciousness. There is nothing that is so easy to fasten onto as our misery: there is nothing that is more apt to produce self-consciousness than suffering. Then it becomes almost a settled habit to hold onto our burden and pray it unceasingly into the very face of God until even our prayer saturates us with our own misery. Rather, we should ask for power to drop ourselves altogether and leave ourselves in His loving hands and know that we are free. Then we may rise into the blessed liberty of His higher thoughts and will and demonstrate His love and care for others. The very act of letting go of ourselves lifts us into a higher place and relieves us from the thing that is hurting. This habit of prayer for others, and especially for the world, brings its own recompense and leaves upon our hearts a blessing, like the fertility which the Nile deposits upon the soil of Egypt as it flows through to its ultimate goal.

by A. B. Simpson

 2011/2/19 22:09

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"Pilgrim and Sojourner." - 1 Peter 2:11

 Re: For the Hurting

Rather, we should ask for power to drop ourselves altogether and leave ourselves in His loving hands and know that we are free. Then we may rise into the blessed liberty of His higher thoughts and will and demonstrate His love and care for others. The very act of letting go of ourselves lifts us into a higher place and relieves us from the thing that is hurting.

Amen. Lord free me from myself in these many ways. Allow my life to bring the maximum amount of glory that you desire from it. Purge me as a vessel to be used for the glory of Lord. By the grace of God I ask this.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

 2011/2/19 23:44Profile

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North Central Florida

 Re: For the Hurting

Dear Jesus-is-God,

Thank you for posting that wonderful piece. Praying for others is much more worthwhile then praying for self.

And, also, thank you for the Scripture you use as a signature. I love the book of Malachi.


 2011/2/20 0:07Profile


Amen - "Praying for others is much more worthwhile then praying for self." Yes, Amen Sis.
I love how A.B. included "pray for the world". Sometimes our faith is too small for this - but we know that it is the will of The Father and He does honor when we have that mind of Christ. He loves the whole world, and we must too. And nothing makes our own trials or pain seem small then when looking at how the rest of creation suffers. Oh LORD!

Here's a short excerpt, also from A. B. Simpson -

"Often, therefore, has God to withdraw, for a time, the conscious joy, that He may prove us and develop in us the faith that trusts Him, and loves Him for Himself, rather than for the sweetest of His gifts.

A dear friend once came to us complaining that her spiritual joy had all left her, and that her heart was like a stone. There seemed no disobedience in her life, and no defect in her faith, and we could only commit her to the Master for all the teaching she might need. A few days afterwards she came with radiant countenance to tell how it had all ended. "The darkness," she said, "continued until I told the Lord that if He wanted me to be willing to trust Him in the dark, and to bear this for Him, I would do so as long as He was pleased to continue it. The moment I had yielded my will and accepted His, the dawn of heaven burst upon my soul, and the light returned with more than its former gladness, and I knew that He had only been testing me to teach me to trust Him for His own dear sake, and to walk by faith and not by sight." "

A needed lesson for us all.

 2011/2/21 1:28

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This world is not my home anymore.

 Re: For the Hurting

Thank you for posting this!


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In the midst of my suffering,

Lord Jesus, help, literally help me to lose what I know is folly with self and eggocentric thinking.

Help as I mutter through my existence, as I will not let you go, not until you bless me, but even after that, for man's way is definitely futile without you.

 2011/2/21 9:35Profile

 Re: HE is Always working -

- even when we think that He's not.

Sometimes we can be like our own little children.
They have no idea what Daddy is doing all day and at times don't even understand why or where Daddy goes every day. Children normally see the world as wrapped around their own needs or wants and would much rather that Daddy be home to play with them or make them feel better or make them laugh.
It seems to the child that Daddy has just left their house, because he 'wanted to' - when he goes to work - for his family's good.

GOD is Never just 'kicking-back' somewhere or leaving us. He said that He would never forsake us, and we know that He is definitely not lazy, as we can be at times, but promised to transform us (and our loved ones) and if we can just have "faith" in His Goodness, that He indeed is "at work" - we will reap in due season.

Here's another snippet from A. B. Simpson - May He Bless!

"The blessed Holy Spirit is our Guide, our Leader and our Resting-place. There are times when He presses us forward into prayer, into service, into suffering, into new experiences, new duties, new claims of faith and hope and love. Then there are times when He arrests us in our activity and rests us in the secret place of the Most High. He teaches us some new lessons, breathing into us some deeper strength or fullness and then leading us on again, at His bidding alone. The Holy Spirit is the true Guide of the saint, and the true Leader of the Church. He is our wonderful Counselor, our unerring Friend. He who would deny the personal guidance of the Holy Spirit in order that he might honor the Word of God as our only guide must dishonor that 'other' word of promise, that His sheep shall know His voice, and that His listening and obedient children shall hear a voice behind them saying, this is the way, walk ye in it (Isaiah 30:20)."

"Ah, friends, how much it would ease our tasks for the day that's just begun, to live our life a step at a time and our moments, one by one."

 2011/2/21 12:22

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I think that if you're going to go on with Jesus, past the cheering crowd and palm leaves and miracles and power sermons and all the other stuff that accompanied you at the onset of your calling, you will discover the Spirit will lead you into a wilderness of solitude, of hurt, of excruciating self-illumination. The enemy will be given free reign to tempt and torture you, to bring all manner of psychological, physical and spiritual warfare against you in the vaccuum you find yourself in. You will come to loathe yourself, loathe your existence; God will bring you to brink of utter despair where you find your footing is loose, hands flailing, groping in vain at anything stable for support.

You will hurt for a long season, and cry repeatedly out to a God who hears and yet continues to hide Himself. At length you will stop struggling, stop crying audibly from spiritual fatigue and just sink. As you sink into the darkness of failure - beyond desperation - you will begin to truly understand the cross. No sermon can teach you this; only profound hurt and self-misery at the expense of spirituality can afford one a true glimpse of Calvary's efficacy. But even then you will not fully understand the magnitude, nor will at last be at rest. God must bring you deeper and deeper into a blackness and futility of self that is incomprehensible to those who have not experienced it. But as you experience it, and are somehow miraculously restored daily by the grace of God, the object of the cross becomes ever more clear: the reckoning of a death that must become as real as the death you've already died in Christ before the world was created.

Paul Frederick West

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 Re: For the Hurting

like the fertility which the Nile deposits upon the soil of Egypt as it flows through to its ultimate goal.

When the Nile flooded the land of Egypt there was much lose of life and devastation, but the result was rich soil that made this land one of the most fertile in the whole world. But man does not like devastation, uncertainty that the flood brings. Man made the dam to control the flow of water.In the physical, this may be the wise thing to do. But are we not applying these same princiles in the spiritual realm as well. We like to avoid devastation at any cost. We like to control the flow. That is why we are not seeing the blessings that comes only through death. We like to have a God who blesses but we froget that He must first devastate.


 2011/2/21 13:34Profile

 Re: For the Hurting

- this thread is For those who are presently be-ing devastated and is to show the 'why' of what they are going through - in a nut shell --

Rom 8:28, 29 And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose, for whom He did foreknow, He also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of His Son, that He might be the firstborn among many brethren.

- so that, we may be formed into His Image.

What is His Image? For GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD!

Does it help those who are be-ing devastated to tell them that they'll be devastated, without giving the "whys" behind it.

Is it all about "self" being someone?
Is it found in lofty words or is it about having His Mind, which was and is - "for others only"?

We are not like Christ until we see our own suffering for the sole purpose of being for Him to make us His "brethren" that are like Him by Family resemblance - 'others minded only.'

Self-less-ness is the end purpose for "devastation" or suffering and then to expect more suffering as He received for being 'self-less'. Our reward is not to be sought on earth. They murdered "Love Incarnate", so how is it that we expect as servants to be treated better than our Master was?
Did He get respect or recognition? No, not until after He died. Then He was Glorified and sat down in Heaven.

Self is the cause of all sin. Selfishness is the opposite of His Love. Self-centeredness is at the root of our unfruitfulness in this world - to show the Love of Christ.

If GOD is Love - does the world see that in us?
Are we working out that love in a tangible way to this world?

Brother ManofGod0000 - you have gone to Nursing School - you suffered through the Psych class because it brings up the suffering of mankind but doesn't give the answer to them.

I was in Nursing - then I was put through more suffering than many humans could endure - both physically and otherwise - enough to write a book, if I wanted to glory in my suffering - but I know now, after the fact and even in present sufferings, 'why' I was & am put through all suffering - because now I truly know what my Patients are going through and any others that are being starved of food, medical care, kindness, a nice home with people who love them, suffering persecution and illnesses that can almost take you down spiritually --- third world style - which is far beyond what Americans go through, with few exceptions - as with 'some' of our homeless.

GOD would have you to be the best Nurse He has ever called to that profession.
To turn any Hospital or Nursing Home on it's head until it fears mishandling another human being and the whole place - both the facility and the patients see Christ manifested on earth through you, by His Love.

The only Image of Christ that we're supposed to learn is Self-less - no matter the cost to ourselves and Glory to GOD for any suffering that will make us that way - Like Him.

The beginning and the end of all things, is to seek to be like Him and see "all things" are working toward that end and that end only - to make us others-minded-only as He is.
Living Sacrifices!

In the meantime - anyone going through the devastation that leads to being Like Him, has His heart-felt empathy.

Brother A. B. Simpson said - "to pray for others/the world instead of for ourselves", in the first post - AMEN - it hastens the "process" of being made more like Him.
Bless GOD and GOD Bless us to be conformed into His likeness, no matter the cost, amen.

 2011/2/21 14:35

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