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Not arguing here but am confused and could use some clarification.

I too agree that the article completely mis-characterizes Lewis.

The first paragraph just made me stop reading.

Soooo...I consent that the article is misleading.

Areadymind, if you stopped reading after the first paragraph, how could you have critiqued the entire article and decide that it's misleading?

Honest question.

I reckon I'm thinking of my own grandchildren as well and that I've seen how occultic cartoons have become in the last 20 yrs or so. It 'does' give some that 'lust' for these things as Lewis experienced himself.

 2010/12/19 20:41

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For the exact reason I stated Jesus-is-God. The author took a snippet out of context and built a whole structure around it.

***Edit*** Sorry, after looking back at it again, I guess I read more than one paragraph, more like three or four. Sorry my memory is a bit shabby.

Jeremiah Dusenberry

 2010/12/19 21:21Profile


I feel rather shabby at this point myself dear Friend.

His Grace to you

 2010/12/19 21:28

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