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Jimmy writes..........

"Be careful. Dave Ramsey quotes a lot of stats and research that says that even if you are getting 0% apr and all sorts of rewards, it's still not in your best interest to have a credit card. I forget the exact percentage, but, studies show that you will spend some 20% more simply by having a debit card/credit card instead of cash."

I could definately see that being a problem for many people. It is so easy just to swipe a card and think about it later. Here is what I think though. If you delight yourself in the Lord He will give you the desires of your heart. Meaning, that the desires you have will be His desires. I think this is so important in a materialistic world. There is so many things vying for our attention and advetizers are masters at manipulating people to buy things they do not need with money that they do not have. In many ways this is the essence of capitilism.

The stuff that people buy and the lifestyle that they live is so often beyond their means and so they swipe. Living within one's means is the simplest way to stay solvent. And the deeper you live within your means, the better off you are going to be. Keep that old car, stay in that smaller house, keep wearing that older sweater. If your desires are for the stuff of this world, then draw close to Him and He will draw close to you. Delight yourself in Him and He will give you better desires, your desire for Him and the things of Him, not the things of the world. Frank

 2010/12/3 10:15


Snuf writes.......

"Now, you've surprised me Frank. I thought that you were so close to God that you didn't need a credit card. Today, you have just become a human being in my thinking. I mean really, I had you on the wheel in the middle of the wheel. LOL."

If you lived with me for one week brother, that notion would have been dispelled long ago. I am most fortunate just to be a spoke in the wheel.I used to imagine as a young Christian what Bible chararcter I was like. I had fancy notions :) Yet, over the years, I have dicovered that I am most like Frank

 2010/12/3 10:25

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