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Forgiveness lies in the framework of God's salvation in totality.

It is not up to us to pick and choose scriptures and concepts to fit our own agendas (eg. moralizing purposes) according to our opinions on how people should live, that which in itself has cultural and historical issues outside of God's redemption plan.

Please do not shackle what our Saviour has unshackled.

Glory to Jesus Christ.

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Jesus did not go through what he did just so people could have their sins forgiven.

Jesus went through what he did so that sin could be overcome

He was not fooling around when He said to be Holy and sin no more.

He has provided away for forgiveness so that sanctification could continue on until like David we have peace all around us. However unrepented sin means just that it ........ and repentance includes a change in heart or it is just lip service.

Jesus said that those servants that knew His Will and did not do it would be beaten with many stripes

The teaching that Christians can sin with impunity is straight from the mouth of satan.

So is the teaching that Christians do not appear at the Great White Throne and there are no verses to support that doctrine

You will either sin no more in this life or you will sin no more in the next life but be rest assured........ you will sin no more !

You can either try to do it the same way that the jews do by trying to fulfill the law that always ends in failure

Or you can find out the truth that will allow Christ to be formed in you. Christ does not sin and those Christians who say they have the mind of Christ have been utterly deceived

The mind of Christ forgives everyone of their sin and does not sin while having knowledge of all things

No wonder Jesus said that the narrow way that leads to life is only found by a very few


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