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I have been reluctant to make a comment on this thread, but after viewing the video felt I must.

It's clear as day the man was finished his message.

It's very beautiful, the parallel he brings out between Abraham, who took his only son whom he loved, Isaac, and offered him for a burnt sacrifice to God.

There's so much to this beautiful passage. At one point along the way Isaac asks, "Father, behold the fire and the wood, but where is the lamb for a burnt offering?"

Abraham reponds, "My son, God will provide himself a lamb for a burnt offering."

And so... just as Abraham raised the knife to slaughter his son the angel of the Lord intervened. And Abraham looks behind him and sees a lamb caught in the thicket, and offers him in Isaac's stead.

And so he calls the place Jehovah-jireh: the LORD will provide.

But the hour came when the Lamb Jehovah provided... it was time to offer Him. And the Father took His only beloved Son to the cross... and there was no intervention there.

Washer says it three times, pausing for a few moments between them:

"And He slaughtered Him there..."

"He slaughtered Him there..."

"He slaughtered Him there..."

And then he walks off. What more was there to say? He was finished.

...I would like to add a little something. I recall once an old preacher pulling out a dinner plate as he preached, and starting to chew on it.

Don't be like that, he said. Don't be like that. Eat what's on the plate. Don't be always chewing on the preacher.

Allan Halton

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I can't believe the topic of Washer walking off stage has garnered the attention of "9" pages on this forum! (I bet he can't either for that matter)

Here is a quote I heard from a compilation last week or two...

"Facebook and Twitter will be proof when you get to heaven that you DID have time to pray."
~ preacher from Minnesota

PS: I'd have to add 'sermonindex' to that list too (for me)!!! LOL

God bless us all!


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Lysa, I agree!


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I have been gone for a day, but due to the concern of the phrasing in my last post I feel I need to clarify. I did say "against" but please understand that I did not mean it in that way, (that it is all that the sermon should be about is what the preacher or people are opposed to) but I tend to slip into that fundamentalist terminology due to my upbringing. You are completely right in your analysis of that statement, and I had never thought of that before in that simple phrase that seems to me so commonplace. Rather, I should have said "What they are preaching on" and that would be more appropriate. It is not my intention in the least to bring attention to a subject that is wrong, and that all preaching should be against something, though at some times that is neccessary. For that really makes little sense due to the fact that Paul Washer was preaching ON something. And that is, the precious Gospel of God that is so dear to all of His saints.

The focus on God and His Gospel are the reasons why I like Paul Washer and the Puritans, so please do not misunderstand me at all.

This was completely my fault for carelessness with my phrasing and lack of thought upon my phrasing. Please forgive me for my carelessness. I thank you for bringing attention to such a matter.

God richly bless you.

P. S. Completely right about Jonathan Edwards, a great man to be admired and learned from.

EDIT: Also, I was not talking about Paul Washer in that case, which naturally leads to misunderstanding, but was rather refferring to the need for certain kinds of preaching at certain times that must occur. Sometimes we need a man to "cry against" something, like the prophets of Biblical days, and sometimes we just need someone to expound the truth. But again, when you are preaching against something, the God Who is agianst it must also be glorified. Thank you again for your care in what is said.

Mike Wright

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 Re: "against"

regarding the word "against", Madefree said:

I tend to slip into that fundamentalist terminology due to my upbringing.

Thank you for Madefree for raising this point. Yes, "fundamentalist" types are recognized for their tendency to be reactionary. "Against" a common word in their vocabulary.

I realized afterward that I had taken a gunshot approach to a longstanding beef of mine, and you were in the line of fire. This has less to do with your post than with a pattern that disturbs me.

I am thankful that Jesus wasn’t “against” my sin (as we hear the word used). He died for my sins. He took my sin in himself. And he covers me with his grace - every moment of every day.

Conversely the religious leaders of Jesus’ day (like many in mine) preached “against” sin – and in that way they made God hopelessly unapproachable. I think a lot of campaigns “against” certain sins are just as hopeless. They do little to bring about true conversion; and instead they pit the campaigner against the “sinner”. This is reactionary.

BTW, I decided to listen to several other messages by Paul Washer, with the “against” idea in mind. I would agree with you and say that Paul’s focus is not to preach “against” something as much as to expose that which is hidden from consciousness. Paul is FOR “truth” – truth in the innermost place – the truth about our own hearts. He is FOR the solution to sin, crying out in essence: “Prepare ye the way of the Lord!”. Paul stirred me to delve deeper into my own being and face a deeper level of truth – and thus prepare to receive a deeper level of divine love.

Thank you for pursuing this trail. I need to work on clarity too! This is how we can help each other.



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Thank you for sharing this. It has changed my life. Everyone do yourself a favour, listen to that sermon!


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