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Just a thought, but, does it really matter why Paul Washer walked off stage anywhere? I mean, he's one of millions of ministers in this world.

Jimmy H

 2010/11/23 19:29Profile


... he's one of millions of ministers in this world

you are absolutely right. I don't think anyone is deliberately trying to put Paul Washer on a pedestal but he is one of the few who actually will speak up for the truth and not preach a watered down gospel.

 2010/11/23 21:03

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Watching the video it looks to me like he just ended the sermon. I saw Richard Owens Roberts do that once, but it was a little more deliberate. In this case I think he was just finished. There was nothing more to say.

Robert Wurtz II

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David Wilkerson once spoke at a conference in which he put away his sermon, approached the podium and admitted that he had no message for the audience other than that we should weep over the fact that we know the Lord so little.

I think that the Church might be much better off if 100,000 pastors did the same thing this week.



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You have no idea how that message may be taken hold of by God to effect change in the hours and days and weeks ahead.

Not only this statement, but the whole post that it was in. That was good, Robert. Thanks for posting it. Really encouraging to me.

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[I don't think he had finished what was on his heart, but exhaustion overcame him.]

It could very well be that he did not finish the sermon, BUT it will very unlikely be because of exhaustion. I've never come across any godly person that in the middle of preaching to a group of people will suddenly walk off stage without an explanation because they are exhausted. At the least they will give some reason. Most likely, God will sustain the godly man to be able to continue the message. There is NEVER any glory for God when a man walks away halfway through preaching because of his exhaustion.

It can be any reasons for his walking away, one of them that he was going to break into tears and he didn't want people to focus on his tears. He wanted people to focus on God and the message he was giving. He may have pushed right up to the part about Abraham's sacrifice before he could not contain his tears any longer. It would be a good place to 'end' if he is unable to continue.

I wouldn't be surprised that God had a hand to play in this and He would use this for His glory. The buzz that surrounds this may be what caused some people to tune in to listen to this sermon or listen to it again for God to change the person.


 2010/11/24 4:52Profile

 Re: Paul Washer Walks off of Stage at TMC

Brother, perhaps we have a miscommunication? Earlier in the thread Paul Washer was quoted thus:

'he's wiped out and in the middle of a four day rest'

BUT it will very unlikely be because of exhaustion.

I agree with what you said about God supplying a godly person's need.

This is emphasised in Carter Conlon's sermon 'Believing the Whisper's of God', but before you conclude that 'wiped out' doesn't mean 'overcome with exhaustion', you MUST listen to what Mr Conlon has to say. Listen to his description of how unable to continue he was, and then work out what is 'likely' for a 'godly man'.

There is NEVER any glory for God when a man walks away halfway through preaching because of his exhaustion.

Leanne Payne has a testimony of being so tired, she had no idea how she was going to minister. As she looked towards the platform, she saw the Lord standing there, and she was encouraged to begin, but, she had spoken for only a few minutes of her messsage, when people began breaking down, and the Lord Himself minstered to them. He gets the glory, despite our weakness.

 2010/11/24 6:54

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 Time to Regroup

Perhaps it is time to regroup - go back to the beginning, and get a grip on the original poster's intent. How was Denise trying to steer our thoughts? She said:

As the auditorium emptied, I can see that there were a few huddles of students crying and some were just sitting with their heads down in prayer weeping. As unconventional as Paul Washer was walking off of stage today, it brought sadness to my own heart I as well as most of the people there shared the shame of our apathy for the cross.

Below is the link of the two sermons. I hope you'll find the time to listen to these. If you do, give me your opinion. To be honest, I'm still in a bit of shock.

God bless,

quoted by Diane


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 Re: Time to Regroup

Thank you for quoting the original letter. That's I felt when listening to this message.

 2010/11/24 8:15Profile

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No, there's no miscommunication.

Leanne Payne's testimony does not lend credence to your view. She did not walk off stage halfway without explanation. Examples of other godly people will lend weight to my viewpoint. Also, someone already mentioned that Washer was starting to cry when he left the stage.

I would have explained further but I feel that I will be unsuccessful in getting my point across to you no matter how much I write and this will likely result in more 'to and fro' posts between us which is not a wise use of both our time. People see things differently many times and sometimes its best to just agree to disagree. Furthermore, we are ultimately speculating and none of us currently know for sure the real reason.

Thanks for the Carter Conlon's message but I'm not
a fan of his, so will not be seeing it. His message just don't jive with me--nothing against him. Guess we all have our pool of pastors that we prefer listening to.


 2010/11/24 12:34Profile

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