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Discussion Forum : General Topics : Why True Protestants REJECT the pope!

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We are NOT called to pronounce swathing judgments against others – because when we do, some arrows of judgment will come back at us

We are called to proclaim the truth of scripture. Unfortunately when we do that many (including Christians, as evidenced by this thread) become offended. But it is not the proclaimer of the truth that is judgeing. No no... it is the truth that judges.

Thats the mistake people make when someone like me says what they say about false religions like the Roman Catholic Church. And don't worry, the Bible has a lot to say about much of the foolishness in evangelicalism too.

 2010/11/22 8:44

 Re: Love the lost, hate the chains.

The Bible is full of pronunciation of judgements against false religions and their leaders, beginning with the Holy Spirit speaking through ALL of the prophets, John the Baptist, the Lord Jesus Himself, and all of the Apostles. You cannot honestly read the bible, and not see this.

This does not make the true Christian superior, or righteous, because he or she discerns what is error, and what is life. Life is a Person. We are called to serve and obey that Person, and the failure to discern that which is of Him, and that which is not, may kill us.

"Do not judge according to appearance, but judge with righteous judgment." ....Jesus...when he healed a man on the Sabbath, and the Pharisee's wanted to stone Him...

The Roman Catholic church is filled to the brim with ancient, satanic Babylonian practice and doctrine. The veneration of the Pope as Christ himself, and the descending priesthood,and the worship of the Mediatrix Mary, as the Queen of Heaven, are the two most glaring and wicked heresies.

Today, as we speak, there are martyrs of Christ's true church by Roman Catholics, in Mexico and South America, as there were 10s of thousands and thousands during the reformation...[read the Book of Martyrs]. Have they changed? Really no, except in the power to execute their convictions to slaughter the true church brought on through political upheaval..[ by the Lord, I might add.]

Can a person be saved while within the Catholic cult? Obviously, multitudes have and left her.There are many, many books written by the family of God previously chained by her wicked doctrine. They were born again by His Holy Spirit, and "CAME OUT OF HER."

To say that we should not warn others that this is an evil religion, and will kill you, is foolish. We should also, as Luther and others did, [ the reformation fathers ], at the risk of certain death.[ and many were burnt alive, tortured and died..].

We should as we would do to any pagan religious nation, preach the true gospel that produces a holy people, born again and covered by the the Catholics. We should love them, and be merciful, and bring the Jesus that saves to them....

At the same time, we should not condone or coddle the wicked system that captured them..[as Islam, or Hinduism].They are a lost people...and God desires that they would know Him, and the true Savior.

4. “Come out of her, my people,
so that you will not share in her sins,
so that you will not receive any of her plagues;
5. for her sins are piled up to heaven,
and God has remembered her crimes!"
Revelation 18.

 2010/11/22 10:36

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 Re: Why True Protestants REJECT the pope!

The Pope will be The Antichrist: so says, Martin Luther, John Calvin, John Wesley, John Wyclif, William Tyndale, King James,John Knox, Philipp Melanchthon, and Huldreich Zwingli.

 2010/11/22 11:10Profile

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 Re: brethern

The Pope will be The Antichrist: so says Martin Luther, John Calvin,John Wesley, John Wyclif, William Tyndale,King James,John Knox, Philipp Melanchton, and Huldreich Zwingli.

 2010/11/22 11:12Profile

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The Pope will be The Antichrist: so says, Martin Luther, John Calvin,John Wesley, John Wyclif, William Tyndale,King James,John Knox, Philipp Melancthon, and Huldreich Zwingli.

 2010/11/22 11:14Profile

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 Re: yes........

The Pope will be The Antichrist: so says, Martin Luther, John Calvin, John Wesley, John Wyclif,King James,John Knox, Philipp Melancthon, and Huldreich Zwingli.

 2010/11/22 11:16Profile

Joined: 2004/11/29
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The Pope will be The Antichrist: so says, Martin Luther, John Calvin, John Wesley, John Wyclif, King James, William Tyndale, John Knox, Philipp Melancthon, and Huldreich Zwingli.

 2010/11/22 11:19Profile

 Re: delete this in a minute.

Multiple posts like this [ I don't know if it is accidental or not...] is frowned upon here by the moderators...for obvious reasons. It's called, "Spamming the boards.."

Please delete all but one of your duplicates.

 2010/11/22 11:27

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Narrow is the way and there be few that find it

There are many ways that seem right to a man, but there is and end to it. My prayer is God uses those on the straight and narrow to reach out to those on the broad path to destruction which includes cults, isms(including intellectualism) and various devices of the enemy. The enemy has different strategy for different type of people. Arguably Catholicism is one such evil? But is the deception that we should pray to Mary and other dead people any worse of than the mass produced self-seeking garbage called American Christianity? Is the pope intrinsically any more evil than any of today's pop princesses that advocate fornication and materialism and outright rebellion against God? Are we focusing on the pope whilst our children have Lindsey lohan on thier mp3 plaeyrs?

 2010/11/22 11:32Profile


I just want to reming everyone that the title of the thread is "Why do Protestants Reject the Pope?"

Many reject the false Catholic Doctrine, yet, (and please hear this) they do not reject Catholics. They also reject the Pope because he boasts about taking Jesus Christ's place on earth. In fact, this is part of Catholic catechism teachings to the young.

The ad hominem is always thrown out by religious Catholics that "you are anti-Catholic". That is quite a sweeping label, yet not true.

What is true is that we are anti-Catholic doctrine, which is just the same as being anti-Mormon doctrine, anti-Jehovah Witness doctrine, etc.

KingJimmy has a post about whether Doctrine Matters.

It matters to the Catholic Church and no one would take that away from them. They love their doctrine and propagate it and that is their right to do so. They also have their apologetic books and apologists such as Scott Hahn, and Patrick Madrid and it is also their right to be able to expose what they think are people, beliefs and doctrines that are in error regarding their Catholic church.

So, before Protestants are demonized for being Anti-Catholic, let's put it in perspective once more. No one is anti-people. Just as the Catholic religious will defend their beliefs and doctrine so will other faiths and all have the right to do this.

Catholics would never say they are anti-Protestant, meaning against people. Yet, they call us anti-Catholic and they don't mean doctrine.

God gives you the right to believe what you think is the truth. He does not give us the right to hate people. But He does give us the right to hate false doctrine. Jesus twice said in Revelation, that "I hate the doctrine of the Nicolaitans". We are to hate what is evil and cling to what is good.

Their ad hominems are meant to make you feel bad as a person. They want you to remember that you are part of the human family, and thus to cause you to compromise and bend towards them. You know, "we all believe in Jesus", and "You are not loving", or "How can we ever come together in unity, if YOU continue to divide?" These types of arguments.

Let me say in conclusion and this goes for any belief system that does not square with whatever your beliefs are. Uniformity is not unity. Conformity is not unity. But this is what Ecumenicalism is all about. The Emerging Church movement is just another tentacle of Ecumenialism. What these both have in common is that they want you to adhere to "Unity at all Costs" even (and especially) the cost of doctrine.

Ecumenicalism is Uniformity, not true Unity. You cannot unify around falsehoods and lies. If you do, you have lost your way by giving up your convictions.

Then what has truth become? Do you know that if you love and adhere to God's truth as stated in His Word, you will be in the minority. You will be hated, you will be vilified, you will be marginalized. You will be made to feel bad and be made to feel like you are the one that is keeping the "church" from unity. Do you understand that? You can be filled with God's love for all people, yet be made to feel like you do not have "true" love, because you are not "agreeing" with doctrine that you just cannot accept. I am talking about doctrine that strikes at your core beliefs about Jesus Christ and who He is. Not about non-essentials like what days are special to you or what foods you choose not to eat.

Do not let man or devil heap condemnation on you. You will be misunderstood, lied about and slandered. Don't you know that all this was done to Jesus, who did not compromise God's Word and refused the leaven of His day. He was not a man pleaser and was not trying to get in good with others and be uniform. And who will step up and say that He did not love people.

You can love people and not accept their lies about your Lord.

 2010/11/22 12:15

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