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Alright brothers, let's calm down... These posts on either side are not at all edifying, and i think that if an unbeliever or young soul would look into this thread and see the kind of words being used, they would really be turned off, and wonder if this is true Christianity at work, or just angry people.

I know we're zealous for truth, but we can't hurt eachother like this for the sake of the truth.

NotMe, Chris, and others, if you want to discuss your thoughts about each other, please do it in personal messages, not on a forum; it's not redemptive nor encouraging to others who are looking on.

For the sake of others, please leave off these things. If you have concerns about one another, please address that one in private, not openly.

Let's crown Jesus Lord of all, brothers.

If you find your blood boil as you read comments from others, it means it's time to give it a rest, even if it means you'll look like you've given up or lost the argument.

God bless.


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Has anyone considered that Greg might have prayed about putting this on here? I mean the man is not stupid. He's in touch with men of God who are praying for revival, read up on the puritans etc.., and sat with Carter Conlon, immersed himself in Leonard Ravenhills sermons. Has anyone considered that a mind like that is not easily swayed to someone like Rick Warren? Yet, here he is. I am not saying that brother Greg can't be swayed, but for someone who is engulfed in the nature of revival like he is wouldn't be so easily given to putting a Rick Warren sermon on SI. But he does, which tells me that God is doing something and I want to be given to hearing what the Spirit is saying not my doctrinal position. The Pharisees wanted Jesus to agree with their position, but Jesus had a word for them every time, "But I say unto you".

Anyone can be swayed. That is why it is our responsibility as individuals to test for ourselves, because if everyone is blindly trusting the pastor/leader/minister, what would happen if he went wrong? Who will be there to correct him? Isn't this what the local BODY is for?

 2010/10/8 21:40

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Snufalapagus, to summarise my view and explanation--to avoid any possible confusion (if any).

You have your view, so have I. I think we are on opposing camps as I tend to believe that Warren is false base on my experience (although its hard seeing his generosity etc). You are likely to disagree with my view--that's fine. And you ain't gonna sway me with regards to Greg's discernment on this matter etc, so let's leave it as it is, ok. :)

Also, to reiterate,putting up whose sermon is ultimately Greg's decision. I or others may believe he is false but we cannot force Greg, although some may try to plead, convince etc. On the same breath, all false pastors sermons should not be on a Christian website (this I think we all agree on--for example, I think very few people will think Joel Osteen's sermon should be here).



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I'm waiting for Greg's hammer to fall on this monster of forum iniquity...


Ryan G.

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the answer to whether or not ANYone's sermon should be here:

this site is for promoting Biblical Revival. So what is Biblical Revival?

1.) Re-awakening
-to a consciousness of a Thrice Holy God
-a thirst for God

2.) Renewal
-of the Covenant with God
-of service to God
-of Godly living

3.) Regeneration
-a modern day Re-Birth
-become as innocent and pure as day of birth
-return to the “Joy of your Salvation”

4.) Restoration
-of Godly principles
-of Righteousness

Now, has anyone listened to this sermon by warren? I admit, I have not and probably won't. I will be corrected if anyone has anything to say otherwise but I believe that his sermon would be nothing more than principles and good morals and things to be busy with. That's not my idea of New Covenant theology. We got cats up in here giving old testament answers to New Testament subjects.

Please see if his sermon is in line with SI and then determine the fruits.

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It really grieves me that threads like these have become the meat of forum activity. That we can beat a dead horse like this for so long speaks volumes of our spirituality.

Thread and topic terminated.

Paul Frederick West

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Hi NotMe...

Just a quick response to another of your allegations before I bow out of this thread.


Oh, Chris! Don't you worry about me. If it were me you had a problem with, you will be fine. But you have a problem with God's Word which testifies against you. Don't tremble at me; tremble at His Word.

Brother, I really don't worry about your comments at all. I know who I am in Christ Jesus. Speaking personally, I am not worried about your opinions. I do have some concern with your attempt to assassinate anyone who disagrees with what you think God has shown you. You speak of "discernment" -- yet you can't seem to "discern" how you have wronged several people here. You have wronged Neil here. You have wronged Greg here. You have hurled many insulting and scornful arrows at many brothers -- and you seem to react as if this is a noble effort and that you're doing God a favor.

The concern that I feel is that you do this in a public forum simply because of a difference of opinion about Greg including a single sermon by this preacher in the SI collection. Greg didn't force you (or anyone else) to listen to it. Greg didn't tell anyone to adhere to everything that Rick Warren teaches. You can certainly continue to believe as you do about Rick Warren with a clean conscience. However, when you spew scorn and ridicule simply because some haven't seen you present specific evidence regarding the man -- well, this is taking it much too far.


There is plenty of SPECIFIC EVIDENCE in the article I posted. It doesn't get more specific and more thorough than this. He who has ears, let him hear.

Really? Where is it? I must have missed it. I have seen blanket allegations and links to websites that contain accusations. But where are the SPECIFIC accusations coupled with SPECIFIC sources upon which those accusations are based? Consider this example:


Accusation: "Benny Hinn is a false prophet. Why? He has 'prophesied' several specific events -- claiming that this came from God -- that never came to pass."

On December 31, 1989, Benny Hinn claimed that Fidel Castro would die during the 1990s and a 'great revival' would occur throughout Cuba. During that same service, Hinn claimed that God was going to destroy the homosexual community in America with fire by 1994 or 1995. He gave many other false prophecies during that meeting.

Live video recording of Benny Hinn's 1989 claims:

Now, consider this accusation:

Accusation: Rick Warren is a false teacher who wants to create a one world religion!

Rick Warren spoke at Tony Blair's Faith Foundation. This foundation is trying to create a one world religion that joins Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus and everyone else under one single religion.


Do you see how the first example of an allegation (concerning Benny Hinn), the accusation, evidence and citation are clear cut and do not require any sort of interpretation of the results? With the cited source (in this example, a video), we can either validate or reject the allegation and explanation of evidence.

In the second example of an allegation (concerning Rick Warren), the accusation is presented in a blanket statement that presents statements that must be selectively interpreted, and the "evidence" is a citation to another website that echoes the same allegation that also requires "connecting the dots" via selective interpretation.

Do you see the difference? In most of the allegations that have been brought out regarding Rick Warren, this is what I have seen. Some people have quoted passages from his books, but even some of those passages are interpreted by the accuser to mean something that I just don't see sometimes. This is not "blindness." This is just refusing to be forced to believe something that just isn't explicitly clear via facts or Scripture.


May God have mercy on you...

Amen! May God have mercy on all who long for Him and desperately call upon Him in truth! We all need His tender mercies!


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