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Well, thanks for your last post Jimmy. It sure was exasperating because you jump back and forth from Believers who leave the organizational church and "don't want to be with anyone", to those who have left and "do want to be with someone".

You are truly confusing.

As far as Art Katz, you are co-opting his words to justify yourself.

You know that he started a community of Believers with this stated vision: "a rugged discipleship training camp for end-time ministries (particularly to the Jewish people); a year-round convocation center for the preparation of God's people; a permanent community of committed believers out of which ministries will be nurtured and sent forth and finally, a refuge for entire Jewish families whom we expect to be swept into the Kingdom at a soon-coming time."

This was a place where people lived together, farmed together, fellowshipped together, bore one another's burdens, etc., 24x7x365.

Surely you are not comparing this (permanent community of committed believers) to the church system that we all know about?

 2010/10/4 0:12


Hi Pilgrim,

Andrew just sent that out last week. Jimmy writes......

"But as troubling as these errors are, I believe some of you are in just as much error as those you grieve over. You believe with all of your heart because of these things, the Lord has called you out of the regular and frequent fellowship of the saints in your locality, so that you can be alone, experiencing only fellowship through the internet or through a special trip to a style revival conference. But I must say, standing upon the Scriptures while doing so, there simply is no basis for such a call as you have imagined yourself to have experienced. It is entirely without apostolic precedent, to which some of you because of the error that lies within your heart, engage in some reckless exegesis in an attempts to justify where you are. "

I sense quite a bit of anger in that comment. Let us pray for all of those who are angry. I have personally met so many great people at sermonindex conferences. The examples that Andrew gave are more typical than these other stereotypes. I am sure there are angry and bitter people in the established church and out of it, yet this does not typify the people that I know personally. I think brother Brian Long's gathering down there in Barnsdall is a great example of people " coming out.' Brian will be speaking at the upcoming conference in Dallas, I believe the Lord has burned a message into his spirit. God bless all my brothers and sisters, now who are they? :) All who know and love Jesus. You are the Remnant and I love your passion. Your not anti anything, your pro Jesus and only long to see Him have the Frank

 2010/10/4 0:12


Remember, Christians are called to make other Christians, and in making other Christians, to fellowship with them.

Read "Tortured for Christ" by Richard Wurmbrand. An old believer living in a remote village prayed for years that God would allow him to lead a Jew to Christ.

That one Believer that He led to Christ, was Richard Wurmbrand, the founder of "Jesus to the Communist World, Inc." which became Voice of the Martyrs.

I think and hope what you are saying is that Christians are to share their faith and not be ashamed of Jesus Christ.

We don't control the results. He only asks us to be faithful.

 2010/10/4 0:16

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No maybe he wasn't grabbing his groin - he just took off his clothes and danced naked instead - sorry to disappoint you these kids kept their clothes on.

Just another case of don't like the message and can't deny its truth - ATTATTACK THE MESSANGER - sad

Patrick Ersig

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 Re: Coming Out of The Church: The Remnant Heresy

"This list could go on and on, and many other ills could be multiplied. Yet for all of these problems that existed in the Church then, never once do we find anybody ever instructed to withdraw their fellowship from an intentionally gathered local assembly of the saints. Not once. What instead do we find? We find the Lord and His apostles instructing the saints to do the hard thing, and work out the difficulties that existed amongst them."

...great quote KJ.

Love covers a multitude of sin!

Jeremiah Dusenberry

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Hi Appolus,

Andrew just sent that out last week. Jimmy writes......

I apologize, I confused that with the one (same title) that he first sent out years ago.

Look at all of these testimonies.

 2010/10/4 0:17


No maybe he wasn't grabbing his groin - he just took off his clothes and danced naked instead

Naked? What bible are you reading? He was wearing a linen ephod. Huge difference from being fully clothed to being naked.

2 Samuel 6:14 "And David danced before the LORD with all his might; and David was girded with a linen ephod."

1 Chronicles 15:27 "And David was clothed with a robe of fine linen, and all the Levites that bare the ark, and the singers, and Chenaniah the master of the song with the singers: David also had upon him an ephod of linen."

"and David was girded with a linen ephod; which others, besides priests, sometimes wore, as Samuel did, and which David might choose to appear in, rather than in his royal robes, as being more agreeable to the service of God, and lighter for him both to walk and dance in on this occasion."

 2010/10/4 0:31

 dont do that Jimmy

dont start a big mess slash conversation, then pin up in big type


which is just a rehash of your first post, with even more passive-aggressive theo-babble thrown in, including a second pronouncement of your 55 hour work week, severe demands, and "oh, i want to spend some time with our Lord", while questioning other saints right standing with God, quote "Indeed, you may not even be saved."

"Please feel free to continue to comment after this. I will make this my last post on this thread. Generally I have enjoyed it, though in part, I am grieved in some of the things I have read."

well, i'm glad you enjoyed yourself. There's a word for that, starts with an "m" and an "a" and an "s" ...ends in an "n".

don't do that, be a man, stick around and deal with your mess, dont be a coward. lack of humility and arrogance are bad enough, cowardice justs adds velocity to the already plummeting value of your stock.

pharisee's have two traits in common, they have little urge to re-examine and self examine, and come to a position " i was wrong"...or i mis-spoke".......and they have no qualms about stumbling others, in fact, in their willy-nilly rush to be the center of religious attention, they care not who they trample on.

you dont want that. so grow some stones and be a man.

 2010/10/4 0:42

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Quote from Jimmy
"And to do that, we might have to sit through a lot of dead and lifeless Church services where we look at the back of another persons head. And to do that, we might have to deal with members who are living in secret sexual sin. And to do that, we might have to deal with brethren who introduce the precepts of men, and mix them with the teachings of Christ. Timothy was not told he would have much need of being patient, long suffering, and in great need to be gentle for nothing."

Christians don't leave the church because they don't want to deal with those who are in sin, struggling in their walk..Its more about the set up.

Timothy was an elder who did things the biblical way. Most churches are not set up biblically so many Saints cannot use their gifts that God gave to build up the body. The pastors usually rules over the Body. Thats not biblical, but the nicolatian way that Jesus hates. And because the church set up is not biblical many Saints will not grow. You said you care for true discipleship then you would desire to see the body function properly. Not pew sitters where no one really grows.

Jimmy, having to sit in a dead church is not dying to self. If you really care about the body growing to maturity then you will have a deep desire to see it done the biblical way and that will cause you to go against man's system. And when you go against man's system you will be marked by the leaders who despises God's way and they will want to kick you out. So what do you do? Just sit there like a robot? Continue to just be a pew sitter?


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Frank wrote :

God bless all my brothers and sisters, now who are they? :) All who know and love Jesus. You are the Remnant and I love your passion. Your not anti anything, your pro Jesus and only long to see Him have the Frank

God bless you too, Frank. I too am blessed by the passionate heart for Christ of so many on this forum, though we come from different sides of the tracks, and have views that differ widely in some areas, we find great commonality on the person of Jesus, and all that He means to us.

To 'all who love his appearing'....may He continue to mold and make us into the men and women of God he wants us to be. And all glory be to the name of Christ !!

In Jesus,

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