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Quote by StarofGod
Why do you say that Madame Guyon was never born again??"

StarofGod, I'm not Tom, but I will share a bit.

But the main thing that I want to share is her prayer method vs that of what is taught in the bible. I do not wish this post to become an attack on M. Guyon or turned it into a discussion of her. That discussion has already been done in another thread and I would prefer to just leave it as that. The reason I'm even writing this post is because of the below.

Very very recently while I was in bed it suddenly hit me that when we pray, it is not looking inward onto ourselves and that this was advocated by M. Guyon. I do not know why it suddenly hit me so hard (as when I pray I always think of Jesus/God in Heaven and though I kind of knew it it didn't hit me as hard when it was mentioned by others as it suddenly hit me now). Also, I wasn't even thinking of anything close/related to her or inwards prayer at the moment. I then tried looking inwards into myself to pray but could not do so. Thus, begun my journey to read more about her (I have previously a long time ago read some things about her and had no wish to delve further then, plus there was a recent thread about her which I did mention exercising caution but I did not realise as much as I know now than then) which culminates in this post of mine.

I read her autobiography and her works on A short method of prayer.(can't say I read every single word as it really will take up several days). From her autobiography, I don't think that its solely her own doing of all the things that she have experienced. Could be other spirits or God helping her/with her.

But its from her teaching on how to pray that caused me the most concern. She teaches about looking inward and being silent--the highest degree of prayer (silence is highly regarded by her where no words are spoken either from her to God or vice versa) where there ultimately is great joy and union with the Lord. I can't recall seeing her mentioning about praising God in her prayers (if there is, its being overwhelmed by her urging to look inwards and being silent. She did mention speaking in the beginning but that is more like 1st degree of prayer and is not the type of prayer we ultimately want to achieve).

But if you look at the bible and how prayers are done (eg: the Lord's prayer, Daniel's prayer, Hannah's prayer, Jesus's prayer in Gethsemane etc), you will see there are always words spoken audible or not (at least this is what I recall of the bible). There's confession of sin, praising God, presenting requests to God, claiming on God's promises etc. The prayer method that she teaches seems so different to the prayers mentioned in the bible. This worries me a lot. Also, when we are completely devoid of self like what she suggest, we open ourselves up to spirits (both from God and evil spirits). So this raise a red flag to me too.

I understand that when we pray, we may at times remain silent to hear from God or at times we seem so far removed from ourselves and so close to God. However, these times are not pervasive so as to be so different from the prayers in the bible.

We get a lot of comfort and assurance when we can feel God's love in our heart and when we hear others say the same thing, we feel as if they know God. And it can also not be denied that it gives us a lot of happiness and pleasure when we feel God's closeness within our heart.

But I cannot and will not use this to justify that this is the right prayer method (as per taught by her) when it does not fall in line with the bible.

The bottom line is regardless of whether she is born again or not, I WOULD NOT encourage anybody to follow her prayer method as it does not seem to align with the prayers in the bible.

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