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The Jesus Seminar Forum is an introduction to the research of the Jesus Seminar of the Westar Institute & a bridge to Jesus scholarship on line.

Convened in 1985 by Robert W. Funk, the Jesus Seminar has become a lightning rod for international debate about the "historical Jesus" - that is, the real facts about the person to whom various Christian gospels refer. The Seminar's on-going project has been to evaluate the historical significance of every shred of evidence about Jesus from antiquity (about 30-200 CE). Over the past twenty years more than 200 scholars from North America & beyond have participated in its semi-annual meetings. Seminar Fellows include prominent scholars from Canada, Great Britain, Germany, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand as well as the U.S. For a roster of active participants click here.

The first phases of the Seminar's work on the evaluation & interpretation of Jesus tradition are complete & the results have been published. The Seminar is now turning its attention to analysis of the historical value of materials about & by the first generation of Jesus people: e.g., the Acts of the Apostles & letters of Paul.
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 Re: The Jesus Seminar

The Jesus Seminar. Really? This is the product of liberal biblical scholars with way too much time on their hands.This is the fruit of men like John Dominic Crossan of DePaul University and Marcus Borg of Oregon State.It is not even worthy to post what they have said about Christ's life, death, or resurrection.

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It looks like the post of Sheela2000 was possibly spam. I say that because of the signature they left and the post looks like cut and paste.

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