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Mayhaps this is the wrong time to bring this up;
however, so that you may have this on record
for when time affords. . .

all except 3 semons on the following page are HTTP 404's:

The sermons that did download are:

1. Confronting the World
2. Guidelines To Freedom Part 1 - Who Takes First Place?
3. Guidelines To Freedom Part 2 - Graven Mistakes

at the bottom of the page

On the second page,

the following sermons are 404's:

1. So Do Not Fear

2. The Advantage Of Weakness

3. The Apostles Teachings

4. The Approaching Apostasy

5. The Authority Of Jesus

and finally

6. The Basics Of Expository Preaching

 2010/12/5 22:18

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 Re:  By Now You Ought To Be Teachers by David Wilkerson

 By Now You Ought To Be Teachers by David Wilkerson

Topic: Rebuke
Description: January 11, 2009 - How many sermons do we need to hear before we simply take God at His Word? There comes a time that we can become gospel hardened because we don’t allow our heart to respond in faith to the Word of God. We are called to be living epistles read and known to all men. Now is the time to allow our lives to be an example of the faithfulness of God. It is time to let our family and those around us take notice because we have an unwavering faith in Jesus Christ. You may be the only Bible your neighbors will ever read.

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The Rewards of Discipleship by Paul Washer

What It Takes to Be a Man by Paul Washer

Worthless Prayer Meetings by Paul Washer

Ten Indictments Against The Modern Church - FULL SERVICE WITH MUSIC by Paul Washer

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