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I was talking with my husband he was pointing out to me that since stopping all this medicine I have actually felt better this morning then I have in days. I think that is my answer. I am going to trust in the Lord and ride this out. God is good and faithful as my dh said the medicine is sitting on the shelf and not going anywhere if things seem to be getting worse I can start the medicine but for now I think prayer is the best medicine I need and I am feeling really good about this decision. Thank you so much for your care, you are such a dear sister in Christ:)

God bless

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If you really have to take medrol and clindamycin you must take them with food.

I'm wondering if your doctor has given you some sort of proton pump inhibitor to decrease the acidity of your stomach. This may help, specially that your stomach seems to be very sensitive with these drugs.

Your doctor probably has to give clindamycin for your sinusitis. This antibiotic is more helpful in cases of anaerobic infections. By the way, is it a lingering, recurring sinusitis or an acute one. Are you also having allergic rhinitis. .

Usually, for asthma control doctors will give inhalation steroid with a brochodilator (like beta agonist agents) in a fixed-dose combination. This will prevent or lessen unwanted side effects because the drugs will be virtually confined in your lungs where the effect is targetted.

The doctor has probably prescribed you oral medrol to address you sinus problem and asthma at the same time.

I have taken these drugs in the past but I didnt really notice the adverse reactions that you are having.

There are of course other drugs that can be used for your condition which may give you lesser side effects.

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Hi MJ...

I am praying for you. I think that we are all ill-equipped to offer medical device (even alternative medical advice) if we aren't clear in regard to your diagnosis. We should be careful about using prescriptions from even well-meaning people who might not even be fully aware of the peculiarities of your condition or who are relying on personal experience that obviously differs from person-to-person.

I spoke with a medical doctor that I work with this morning and he told me that the alternative "garlic" homeopathic remedy is really based upon little to no evidence (as are other alternative treatments like eucalyptus). He said that salt water (as in a salt water rince) is a viable treatment of the symptoms. However, he explained that salt water -- and even OTC treatments (like Advil Sinus) -- will merely help alleviate the symptoms. Outside of an act of God, the only proven medical cure for sinusitus is an antibiotic.

This is not to say that an antibiotic is ALWAYS necessary. He pointed out that some afflictions can be cured by the body's own cellular defense. Last year, my wife and I both developed a case of sinusitus. We hardly ever go to the doctor. My wife's case was bad enough to require a doctor's visit and a prescription for antibiotics, which helped her in a matter of a few days. She also used a saline nasal rinse too. I didn't use anything except a few OTC remedies to help with the symptoms (Advil Sinus and Afrin) -- and my body fixed itself over the course of a week. Rather, my MD friend is simply pointing out that the only credible and peer reviewed evidence of an actual remedy is found in antibiotics.

Much of what passerby has said is accurate. We don't know the extent of your exact diagnosis, so it would be unwise for us to advise as if we did. You can always speak to your doctor about the side effects that you are experiencing...or even consult someone else for a second opinion. And, above all, we rely on prayer. I do believe that God is still the Great Physician who can treat us better than any doctor.

My wife and I will continue to remember you in prayer.


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