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 Re: I have a question?

Hi Paul,

I read p2 of this thread before coming to p1, and would like to comment on what you wrote here:

The truth is that no loving father, when he wishes to send a message to his own son or daughter, will do so in a convoluted, enigmatic or mysterious way and expect his dear confused child to "decipher" the code.

If you re-read what you wrote here, it may well be a definition of how some people deal with dreams they believe God has given them, but, I do not like how you have attributed attitudes to God our Father, which all of us know are not fair to Him, and very likely not true.

Further, you may, on re-reading your sentence above, notice you have clearly put a burden to 'decipher the code' on to 'his dear confused child'.

Please. This is also unfair.

A human may well be confused. That's human in certain situations. I'm sure we have all felt confused as humans sometimes. But, to link it so closely to a child of God, as if confusion is a legitimate quality of a son of the Father in spiritual terms, is not at all fair. God is not confused. Those born of His Spirit, if they walk in the Spirit, are not confused either.

It is true a child of God may have to rule out human responses as being ungodly, or, not reflecting/demonstrating faith in the Father's ability to reveal truth to the heart and understanding of the child of God, but the whole point about revelation through a dream one does not understand is precisely that it is a spiritual message and it ought not to receive a human interpretation, but a spiritual one, through the ministry of Holy Spirit; either directly to the person who dreamed, or through another child of God to whom He has given the revelation.
But this is the very fallacy that many attribute to God, and it is why you find certain confused believers very attentive to decoding dreams like a New Testament Joseph and Pharoah, thinking God is trying to reach or warn them by this medium (you will notice Pharoah came to Joseph and not vice-versa).

There may well be confused believers, but that does not mean God does not give dreams to trusted of His children, whom He has identified as worthy of [u]His[/u] trust.

My experience of revelation from God, is that He gives it where there He can see a loving heart, full of integrity. There are many times in scripture where He uses a person in an area where previously they failed, or, simply calls them to a most unlikely task, or one in which they have no natural experience.

I believe that is God exercising His wisdom, and we should respect it with a certain amount of reverential fear and honest respect.
The fact that you have been prompted to bring this dream into a forum to determine whether it is or is not of God is pretty good indication of the latter.

I think you assume too much, and if there is a sense of faith toward God, and fellowship towards MJ in your last sentence, then it is not at all manifest in general terms.

Let me apologise again that my time online is limited these days. I would urge you to scrutinise what you actually said, and how it reads, particularly because I don't doubt you have brought your own spiritual experiences to bear, just as I have mine. And, I do not doubt your integrity, nor question that you also yearn after truth in all points.

EDIT: I would add: I do believe we sometimes think God is being enigmatic and mysterious, but that is because [u]we[/u] do not 'see' what He is getting at.

He uses the mystery of the way He chose to communicate, to get our attention, and to draw us into considering things - perhaps about ourselves - that we would never have thought about before. These may be to do with things in which He desires that we should change, or, to open us to a course of action which is so far removed from where we are at the time He begins His revelation, that humanly speaking, the leap is too great. However, by the time we understand Him, He has gently moved us towards [u]His[/u] goal, and it has not been too painful, either!

 2010/3/12 8:34

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