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Amen fieldlaborer. He has us covered, and He knows alot more than they do!


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Hi fieldlaborer...

I am certainly aware that the government has some great technology at their fingertips. As an undergraduate, I interned and co-oped several times for NASA at Langley Research Center in Virginia. We had access to some very incredible technology...much of which was not readily accessible to the public.

That said: I laughed at some of the assertions made by some of the "discernment" and "watchmen" websites. They have made some grand claims about certain things (such as claiming that TVs and radios have cameras and microphones that "watch" you). However, these things just aren't true.

Yes, there is an ability to "hack" into someone's computer, telephone or cell phone. In fact, it happened recently in Pennsylvania where some school officials hacked into some laptop webcams as they were trying to locate some of those "lost" (or stolen) laptops. This is certainly frowned upon as an invasion of privacy. In fact, there are some very real lines of legality that might be crossed.

The point that I was trying to make was that you don't have to worry about getting dressed in front of your TV or radio. There aren't any secret government agents watching you through tiny hidden cameras located in the speakers. In the past, there have been conspiracy theorists who spread all sorts of rumors (many of which were NOT true) about everything from the government to CFR to other seemingly "dark" things. Oddly enough -- this is NOT discernment. It is actually gossip. The internet is filled with people who gossip in the name of "discernment." We need to gird our loins with TRUTH and not mere rumors.

More importantly, believers shouldn't be concerned anyway. So what if someone were to peer into our homes. We don't have to hide our worship of the Lord! We live in a nation where this is protected with the First Amendment -- and we should still worship the Lord even if it wasn't allowed! Someone else mentioned Daniel...and I think that is a good example to consider. Since we fear God, we have nothing else to fear anyway. We serve a mighty God who is not deterred by the efforts of men.


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