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 End-Time View

I was curious as to what end-time views are represented here on SermonIndex, not for debating purposes but to get a feel for where the Body stands at large on this issue.

If you would care to comment, it would be greatly appreciated.

As far as the millenium: pre, a, or post.

If pre-millennial, where do you see the rapture: pre-trib, mid-trib, or post-trib.

I realize there are other views, but these seem to be the dominant ones. If yours isn't listed please post it anyway. Again, I'm not looking to hash it out over which view is superior, but merely learn which we are persuaded to hold on to as fellow believers.

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 Re: End-Time View

I believe pre-milleniual is the more apostolic view.

As for the timing of the rapture I will not dis-fellowship with brothers over this issue. I am more towards a post-trib stance but I do hope sometimes it is pre-trib. I will not argue with God when I am being raptured :)

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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I will not argue with God when I am being raptured :)

:-) :-) :-)

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 Re: End-Time View

Pre -Millennial and post trib rapture.

 2009/12/23 15:26

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I would consider myself post-trib pre-amill. I am historicist on most of Revelation, with some idealism mixed in. I believe we are still before the "millenium", but I don't believe the millenium will be a literal thousand years or a literal earthly kingdom, but it will be visible for the sorting out for judgment.

Make sense? doesn't to me either ;-)

Denver McDaniel

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Like, Greg, I don't argue about timing and such (anymore, I used to though).

I hold to a belief in premillennialism.

I'm not convinced of a "rapture" but I do believe in the resurrections; one at the beginning of Christ's 1,000 year reign and one at the end.

God bless you brother if you believe differently!

PS: (edit) A lot of people do not agree with me on this point but this is just how the Lord allowed me to see it. Live as to attain the first resurrection. His word says, "[i]blessed and holy is he that has part in the first resurrection[/i]."


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 Re: End-Time View

I am pre-millenial, and am against getyour-prophecy-and-eschatilogical-understanding-from-the-newsism.

I bet that is the longest ism someone has ever made up here...

Revelation is fundamentally about Jesus Christ, and I think a lot of people miss the verse that points that out at the beginning. It seems to me that the forest is missed for the trees a lot. I am always blessed when I just take what Revelation says at face value. I honestly am often troubled a bit at how the Church and politicians have used Eschatology to further ideological and political agendas. I have a hard time reconciling that in my mind to be honest.

I can learn a great example from the two witnesses, I want to worship like those in Heaven, I want to ask myself which letter and which church I am sitting in, The 144,000 are the most amazing followers of Jesus and I want to be like them. I want to come out of Babylon by faith just like Abraham did, and I cannot wait until the New Jerusalem is established. I long to eat from the tree of life, free from sin. I long to see God make everything right. Where I fit into all that is beyond me...God knows. I trust he will do right when He sits in his holy sanctuary and no-one can enter as he pours out his wrath.
Above all things, I want Jesus physical rule and reign...there will be nothing like it. I long for this more deeply in my heart than any other thing in life. Jesus is my King, my Lord and my God forever and ever to the glory of God the Father...

Jeremiah Dusenberry

 2009/12/23 16:28Profile

 Re: End-Time View

:-P Oh LORD, I hope this thread stays sane. After I drop this bomb maybe it won't. :-P

I hold to the Preterist view, which I believe is more accurate to Apostolic teaching (sorry Greg).

There are no "gap theories" and "this generation" means THAT generation that heard it since it was that generation that was asking the questions.

There was a resurrection of the saints that occurred AFTER Christ rose from the grave (at what point is uncertain). I believe in a "catching away", but not how the mainstream portrays it. However, I am like Greg, I won't dis-fellowship with anyone on this issue.

It's important to me that Christ is living and ruling now, not in some future kingdom of God in Jerusalem.

 2009/12/23 16:32

Joined: 2009/5/15
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Pacific Ocean


Not a bomb at all. There are so many views on this that you would have to live in a cave if we disfellowshiped with everyone over it. I agree too that I want Christ Ruling now just as much brother.

The bible is clear though that the hope of his return is purifying.

Jeremiah Dusenberry

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Oh LORD, I hope this thread stays sane. After I drop this bomb maybe it won't.

I hold to the Preterist view, which I believe is more accurate to Apostolic teaching

If that doesn't bring Dogma Enforcement down on you, I can't imagine what would. Expect a visit from the Fundamafia tonight.

I am pan-trib: however it pans out...

Wayne Kraus

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