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I've never met anyone who was "pro-war"... and I was a Marine who was in several war zones during my hitch.

But to "pro-war is not pro-life" I must ask... what about the 6,000,000 Jews were murdered, and the untold millions who's lives were SAVED because we joined WWII?

Thats just an ignorant thing to say.

God was certainly "pro-war" all through the OT, and will be again at the end of days.


 2009/10/26 17:01


Hi Lee,

We agree on many things Lee and warning young Christians seems perfectly reasonable to me. I think that was why, in my post, I was trying to differentiate between the secular and the Christian world. Of course what makes it especially difficult in America is that almost everyone claims to be a Christian. Ravenhill thought about 2% , and I actually think it may be quite a bit higher than that but in any regard it would still be a small percentage of the overall population..........Frank

By the way, I knew about your service and I believe that it gives you a certain weight in any conversation about war. I am very sure that you have been a great blessing to many veterens. Long may the Lord bless you Lee.

 2009/10/26 18:28


Wow, I have been away at drill for the past three days so I am just now back on SI.

Have you chapel or appolous stated yet that a born again christian who participates in Gov or war or police will still go to heaven?? I honestly can't remember your answer.

 2009/10/26 19:42

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