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I am getting real picky, I know. And I know you answered the best you could. But the fact remains they do not know how EDIT: one's prayer is conveyed to the saint. And this is beyond weird.

I can type whatever I want on my computer keyboard and do a few clicks and others will see what I wrote. I can use my phone and talk to someone anywhere on this planet if they have a phone that can received my signals. There is some kind of connection.

I pray to the Father and how does he get my prayers? Is it not through the ministry of the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ? We communicate with our spirit to the heavenly father.

So how do these now dead canonized saints hear (EDIT) a person's prayers? Appears to me they have no explanation...right?


Sandra Miller

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What Waltern said.
A minister was sharing with me once how she and a roman catholic priest were talking about prayer [don't ask me how they came to that conversation]. the poor man was battling a nagging sense of not being in communion with God. He told her that he prayed to the saints, bcus they were in more direct communication with God and bcus he considered them his brethren. So it was like asking his brethren to help him...and she thought there might be some 'truth' to that. [Punctuation, mine].

When I asked for scriptural backing, she countered with, 'where does it say in the bible that we shouldn't ask our brethren to pray for us?"

My response was, 'Show me one place where a believer prayed TO anyone other than the Father. While you're at it, show me a place where God's children are encouraged to communicate with the dead' When put that way, she saw that the entire position was wrong...i'm just unhappy she let that poor soul go on in misery.

I post this to illustrate that many roman catholics sincerely believe the departed saints are in more direct communication with God than themselves...


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