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Discussion Forum : Scriptures and Doctrine : What doctrines are essential for salvation and which aren't?

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"Or...maybe it's all of the pantywaist men walking around trying to find their backbone." orthodox

THat's fine. However you want to see it. But I think the 'chill' factor can be used inclusively here.

 2009/10/13 18:30


To Natan4Jesus:You my friend, and others like you (Loingirder,ccrider, orthodox, and "others") are personally responsible for the Destruction of the Gospel.

thus saith walter. That's a pretty serious charge the man is making, so grave in its implications, that I believe our dear brother is in sore need of pastoral short, he needs help, help none of us can give him, save prayer.

Moderators, do you think its time to step in here now?

 2009/10/13 19:14

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 Re: Moderators

Moderators, do you think its time to step in here now?


We would remind everyone here of forum etiquette. That means, simply this: [i]Play the ball and not the man.[/i]

I must repeat once again: please, if you cannot post edifyingly, do consider excusing yourself from the discussion. You'll gain the respect of your brethren and save yourself from future embarassment. These squabblings only prove the immaturity of those who participate. If you could separate yourself from the contentious throng and look into this discussion as an outsider, you would understand what I mean.

Thread terminated.

Paul Frederick West

 2009/10/13 19:29Profile

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