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Discussion Forum : Scriptures and Doctrine : Romans 6, 7 & 8

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 Re: Romans

Are you brothers saying the same thing - that Paul is a believer in Romans 7 - but, Manfred is saying Paul was still experiencing difficulties and philologos is saying Paul is defining a difficulty he has now solved?

We are not saying the same thing at all, but rather opposites. Ron believes that the man about whom Paul speaks about in Romans 7:12-25 is an unbeliever. I think that Paul speaks of the experience of a believer.


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I have always thought, from my reading and studying of the Scriptures, that Romans 7:12-25 was the experience of a believer. And I have been encouraged by others, as I bought their books over the years, that hold to this interpretation: L. Berkhof, R. Haldane, W. Hendriksen, F. F. Bruce, L. Morris, W. R. Newell, L. S. Chafer, C. C. Ryrie and R. C. H. Lenski; just to mention some of whose writings I have. And there are others, Hendriksen says that Luther and Calvin held this interpretation too.

It would just as easy, of course, to provide another list of George Fox, John Wesley, Charles Finney, Oswald Chambers, Campbell Morgan, Paris Reidhead, Duncan Campbell who believed otherwise.

Ron Bailey

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