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(I've been studying the book of Jeremiah...can you tell??? )

Wendy, I just love these OT prophets! Bro. Isaiah's writings rank among my favorites although I love Jeremiah also. Basically they are sermons that have been transcribed. I got real interested in them when we had a preacher that would read them for devotional at church. I was struck initially by the beauty of the language. Then I got into the heart of the message and I have been smitten ever since! :-)

I will say this about Bro. Isaiah's writings...there is some humor in there, a very subtle humor. When I read Isaiah, sometimes I get the sense that if I would look up I could see a twinkle in God's eyes with a hint of a smile on His face!

Yes, you are not alone on this, Wendy!


Sandra Miller

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Some will justify this unBiblical model with "there is no perfect church", but I've come to fully believe that the Biblical model is possible, even in our day. I even believe that God is gathering us up to make it so.

Thank you for this statement. There is still hope for the people of God!


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