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Where do people keep digging this up from?

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Everest, one can go to SI's home page and there on the top are links you can click onto. On the far right is a 'search' feature that uses Google to find whatever you are looking for.

I also noticed the initiator of this thread posted only once. Strange.

Sandra Miller

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 Re: Word of Faith?

"The thing with the speaking in tongues (as Acts sets forth) is power. And God wants us to work in power. Dosn't get you to heaven (only accepting Christ does that), but it does make life so much better. Faith is now, Hope is in the future. I pray that through prayer and the Bible you find your answer".

Hmmm, Doesn't get you into Heaven?

Actually, God would not allow you to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit with out being saved.

William Cato

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if anyone is for Christ then they are not against Christ!

end thread and lock/

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>>if anyone is for Christ then they are not against Christ!<<

I'm sorry, yes, I know that's a paraphrase of our Lord's words in the context of spreading the Gospel. But applying it to this particular context is VERY naive.

The Lord warned that in the last days there would be false teachers. Surely one of the signs of a false teacher is that he or she leads people into a distorted understanding of the Gospel?

The easiest way for God's enemies to undermine His purposes is to imitate them. The easiest way to imitate the Gospel message is to make sure the core message of a sermon is sound, and then to throw in embellishments which are not sound.

Joseph Prince, for example, mixes truth with misunderstanding. He preaches (among other things) that Christ's death and resurrection mean that Christians can live free of sickness, want, and danger, and even reverse or slow down the normal aging process. This is not discipleship. This is fantasy, based on a misreading of Scripture.

I see this thread is apparently locked, so this may not post, but I think this is a very important message for Christians. There's a REASON why the wolf dons sheep's clothing.

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 Re: Joseph Prince

From listening to him for twenty or so hours, I have found that Prince has stepped away from the word of faith doctrine that teaches speaking those things that are not to gain what you believe for. He has said so specifically, that he is no longer a word of faith preacher in that sense in the last few weeks of sermons I have heard, and insists that all that he says is to be verified by checking the truth in the Bible, as any true Berean.

Since I have not heard any error in his teaching, I cannot judge Prince to be bad at his work. Indeed, his sense of humor is I think what leads many with no sense of perspective to take his spoken word more literally than is meant, and to the Western ear, Prince's heavily accented speech takes getting use to to hear all that he says clearly.

The man enjoys his job, and shows it, and greatly loves Yeshua, and shows that as well. He is unique in his presentation, but he preaches only grace by faith, not sowing and reaping prosperity!!! He believes in healing and regeneration to the point of joking about growing younger and stronger, that Adonai is more than able to do renew us to the point of a fully usable life, which is true
enough, though it takes great faith.

With Joseph Prince, it requires some effort to hear the man's sermons. I DVR'd some sixty days worth of his broadcast, and then watched the ten or twelve minute sermon segments together, which gives a lot clearer picture of what Prince believes and teaches.

Please, do your homework before judging anyone's walk or ministry.

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Mrs Carter

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 Re: Joseph Prince

Deborah5769 >

I know a grace preacher here in my country.
He is very influenced by Joseph Prince.
This Guy is a world evangelist and hold big campaigns in Pakistan etc. (Im not saying his name)
He attacked that I posted videos with Tim Conway and Leonard Ravenhill.
His comment was that the wrath of God is not upon the sinner but already taken on the cross.
I see a error in that and a very dangerous doctrine.
The bible is clear that the wrath of God rests upon all the wicked sinner and thoose who do not belive in christ.
He also commented that the olden day revival preachers scared people to salvation by preaching hell fire and brimstone preachings.
And that I try to scare people into salvation.
Thats the fruit coming out from thoose follwing Jospeh Prince and his false gospel.

this is the video this guy attacked :

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Someone who has only ever made 2 comments on SI said some things a couple pages back about Rhema. I can only assume they mean Rhema Bible College. Kenneth Hagin's school.

Kenneth Hagin was the father of the Word of Faith movement. It is an unBiblical false movement, and Hagin was a deceived and deceiving false teacher.

It does not surprise me to see people defend Joseph Prince. This hit and run poster claims JP isnt anything like Osteen... yep, thats right. Osteen is easy to spot and his error is blatant. He really does not deceive true believers.

JP on the other hand, he is a new one in the devil's arsenal. Slick and very close to the truth, but far enough away to lead millions to hell.

To the hit and run poster; holding up your association with Rhema Bible College as proof that you are theologically and doctrinally sound and can therefore vouch for Joseph Prince is kind of laughable. I'm not trying to be mean at all... but that dog don't hunt.


 2011/7/25 11:27


One more thing... the hit and run poster also claimed that Joseph Prince was not a false teacher because he uses the Bible to back up his preaching.

So? do the Jehovah's Witnesses.

Joseph Prince does not use scripture, he misuses scripture. So does your beloved Rhema school.


 2011/7/25 12:38

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