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I was at a church once where I was given a card to fill out with the same type of questions. This was about three years ago.

I wasn't happy about it, because in my opinion they wanted to know who their congregation was so that they could be "relevant"..

So much seems to be said about "targeting your audience" or "know your audience" ...

I hope that was not their reason for the survey, but that is what I took it to be.


 2009/6/3 1:07Profile


Sounds like an application for a loan...


 2009/6/3 12:45

 Re: I Took A Survey On Sunday.

I've experienced being asked to fill out similar cards, and it never leaves me anything but uneasy. Some of the questions asked are entirely irrelevant to the true ministry of the church, other questions are invasive, and others are things that the pastor administering this survey should already know--and then when no satisfactory explanation is given? It sewed seeds of distrust, and there's nothing ministerial about that.

 2009/6/3 20:51

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