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Discussion Forum : Scriptures and Doctrine : Ten Reasons To Not Ask Jesus Into Your Heart By Todd Friel

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Our churches are filled with many claiming to know God but whose lives don't show it at best and at worst are no different from anyone else. Both in the world and of it.

Paul spoke of one Gospel and only one. No more. When we mere humans add to, distort, alter, or in any way change the Gospel we don't have a different Gospel, we have none at all. In fact what we have is a deception which will only produce people who can't understand why they don't have the witness of the Spirit within them.

I didn't ask Jesus into my heart, I asked him to forgive and he did. I have made mistakes in my time but he has forgiven me those and will go on doing so, not that he condones anything or lets things go, but he chooses to not remember.

Judgement begins with the household of God. If we cannot get even the basics right (which historically we have an interesting history of...) then we have no right to share our false gospel with anyone at all.

We have the death and resurrection of Christ as our Gospel, and the justice, mercy and grace of God. Against such things there is no argument.

Jamie Adam

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amen man your right on.

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