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 Divorce and Re-marriage

Is there any biblical precedence for re-marriage, other than the death of a spouse ?

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 Re: Divorce and Re-marriage

Unless your talking about remarrying the spouse you are divorced from.

Edited to add:
Dean Taylor has a great series of articles that goes into great depth on this.

[url=]Article 1[/url]
[url=]Article 2[/url]
[url=]Article 3[/url]
[url=]Article 4[/url]
[url=]Article 5[/url]

These have been a great blessing to me. God lead me to these after He had lead me to understand this concept through much searching through scripture.
End edit:

~Who is still standing for his broken marriage and waiting upon God to save the soul of his prodigal spouse. 1yr, 10mo, 8days and counting.

Jason Smith

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[u][b]Mark 10:11-12 (NKJV)[/b][/u]

11 So He said to them, “Whoever divorces his wife and marries another commits adultery against her. 12 And if a woman divorces her husband and marries another, she commits adultery.”

Adultery is sin. Divorce is sin. Jason is correct. Unless it is remarring your spouse, there is no grounds for a biblical remarriage to another after a divorce.


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But, are all our sins forgiven past,present,future if we have been saved? not that Mr. Bill is worried about this, he has been happily married for 35 wonderful years, my wife deserves the highest man made metal or honor for putting up with me for 35 years. :-P


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There are hundreds of posts scattered across a dozen or more threads on this subject here at SI. You can access them by typing the word divorce or remarriage into the search engine on the main page.

At some point in time I would like to make an extensive list of links to threads that have taken place over the years by subject (divorce, election, end times, revival, etc). This would be a deep treasure mine for SI new comers and old timers alike. Plus I know reading old threads that I have less of a desire to interject my thoughts into them. I can simply read the opposing views and scriptures and weigh them against the word of God rather then feeling the need to "jump in the battle"..

In Christ - Jim

 2009/3/14 13:29

 Oh Mercy!! (head in hands)

There are hundreds of posts scattered across a dozen or more threads on this subject here at SI.

"hundreds"? try THOUSANDS.

All I can personally testify to, is this: my wife divorced me, [b]after[/b]I was saved. Since then I have not dated, not because some anonymous poster on SI said I couldnt, or misappropriated Scripture, but because God is sovereign, and I say "Lord, THY Will be done", if He brings a good, God-fearing woman into my life, I praise Him, and honor her. If the Lord doesn't bring such a woman into my life, I praise Him!!

It's all about Jesus my brethern.

single, and in Jesus' love, neil

 2009/3/14 14:09

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thanks for this post , good enfo. , and well said .. Clint

Clint Demoret

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Melbourne Australia


Thanks Jason and the rest of the team. You guys have answered my question.

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 Re: MDR

joeSOC asks,

"Is there any biblical precedence for re-marriage, other than the death of a spouse?"

The biblical answer is a resounding and a glorious - YES!.

Man was not made for marriage but marriage for man. The reversal of these leads to bondage,sin and unbiblical conclusions.

One such unbiblical conclusion being that marriage between a man and a woman is indissoluble.This view is held by some. But this is not the biblical teaching regarding MDR*.

The 5 article series posted by utilizer001 by Dean Taylor promotes this unbiblical view. The movement he(Dean Taylor) belongs to leans heavily in that direction.MDR has been a divisive issue among some within their ranks. Much harm has been caused by this teaching and has caused not a few to part with the movement which goes by the name of the website those 5 articles are found on.

Such view being unbiblical, may be called the traditional or Roman view, also known as the 'sacramental view'.

An old Roman Catholic person I know well told me that, "Even though I have been divorced from my spouse for almost 40 years now I still think I am still married to this person." This person was taught this throughout the years spent in Catholic school as well as in the Catholic church. This persons spouse left them with their children and married another person which they had been having sexual relations with. The one (the Roman Catholic who holds to this view of sacramental marriage)left with the children also remarried in spite of their beliefs. They view themself as living in adultery.

Marriage is not a sacrament as Rome teaches. Marriage is a covenant as the Bible teaches.

A biblical and therefore lawful divorce ends the marriage covenant. The christian man who compiled the english dictionary in his 1828 edition states under 'divorce', " 1. A legal dissolution of the bonds of matrimony, or the separation of husband and wife by a judicial sentence. This is properly called a divorce, and called technically, divorce a vinculo matrimonii...4. The sentence or writing by which marriage is dissolved." Mr. Webster did not come to his conclusions rashly as he was a studious man who searched both the scriptures and also the meanings of words from their roots. He also checked several other languages which had translated a word before giving it its definition.

A covenant entered into by marriage may be broken and lawfully dissolved by divorce.

Deut. 22:13-19 and Deut. 22:28,29 are the only two circumstances in the law where a man was prohibited from divorcing his wife.

"Faithful" Abraham (Gal. 3:9) divorced his wife at the command of God.(21:10-14 and Gal. 4:30).

If divorce is sin as Miccah asserts, God Himself would not regulate such cases as He does in His own Law in His Word. Even God is said to have, 'given her a bill of divorce' (Jer. 3:8). He goes on to say of her that, 'she is not my wife,neither am I her husband' (Hosea 2:2).

And God(the Son) in the flesh did not come to abolish His Father's Law either.

True it is that divorce is the result of sin.
But it is not true to say that divorce is sin.

True it is that death is the result of sin.
But none would argue that death is sin.

Lev. 21:10-14 tells us that it was forbidden for the High Priest to marry a widow or a divorced woman.

According to II Sam. 14:5 and 20:3 one may be considered a widow not only due to the death of a husband but also while the husband is yet living.

There are but two states persons are known to be in in the Bible where this issue is concerned. One is either married or unmarried.

On Matt. 5:31,32 these comments are helpful,

"With respect to the translation of Christ's answer commentators differ rather widely, particularly with respect to the words generally translated 'causeth her to commit adultery' (A.V.) or 'maketh her an adulteress' (A.R.V.,R.S.V.). The reader must often have wondered how the act whereby the husband divorces his innocent wife could make her an adulteress! As if the disgrace of having been unjustly rejected by her husband and being forced to face the struggle of life alone were not enough, must she now in addition be branded an 'adulteress'? In reply, it is generally pointed out that the statement when thus read is being misinterpreted. It must be read proleptically [i.e. the anticipation and answering of an objection or argument before one's opponent has put it forward]: she is called an adulteress because she may easily become one. Will the average reader actually so interpret the words, `Every one that putteth away his wife, saving for the cause of fornication, maketh her an adulteress'? Is not the real solution a better rendering of the original? The Greek, by using the passive voice of the verb, states not what the woman becomes or what she does but what she undergoes, suffers, is exposed to. She suffers wrong. He does wrong. To be sure, she herself also may become guilty, but that is not the point which Jesus is emphasizing. Far better, it would seem to me, is therefore the translation, `Whoever divorces his wife except on the basis of infidelity exposes her to adultery,' or something similar." (Hendriksen)

R. C. H. Lenski's translation of the phrase is: "Brings about that she is stigmatized as adulterous; and he who shall marry her that has been released is stigmatized as adulterous."

The 'Certificate of Divorce' protected the woman from such stigmatization as well as making it lawful to be married to another man and not be an adulterous.

To those who say no re-marriage unless the first spouse be physically dead, do not know the Law of God nor His Christ.

They must answer the question, "What is a lawful divorce and what does it do?, which they're unable to do due to the unbiblical Roman sacramental view of indissolubility.

May those who have suffered divorce not be condemned by those who profess Christ and say the bible teaches such confusion.

According to I Timothy 4:1-3 "forbidding to marry" is a doctrine, not of Paul, but of devils.

It is a form of penance for past sins this view promotes. God forbid we return to Rome! It is an attempt of sorts to atone for the sins of the estranged mate. It is God, and God alone that forgives sins.

Do not be deceived thinking you're more spiritual because you're holding out due to a doctrine that is unbiblical.

If you choose not to marry so be it. But do not bind the consciences of others as you keep your tradition and neglect the command of God.

You are at liberty not to marry, but do not condemn others if they do so lawfully and in the Grace of the Gospel of God and His Christ.

*MDR = Marriage,Divorce and Remarriage

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Savannah said -

According to I Timothy 4:1-3 "forbidding to marry" is a doctrine, not of Paul, but of devils.

I don't think Paul was quoting this within the context of divorce and re-marriage. The point of this post is to discuss this within the context of divorce and re-marriage as opposed to marrying "the first time" so to speak, which is the context Paul is talking about.

It seems to me that there are no absolutes here. Now there might be genuine reasons for separation such as abuse etc, and this may well lead to a valid reason for divorce according to my understanding. But I still cannot find a strong position for re-marriage.

To summarize.

Does a valid biblical reason for divorce (Adultery or Physical abuse) give a bible based "Green Light" for re-marriage.

I do see a clear instruction as seen below to stay unmarried.

(1Co 7:10 NKJV) Now to the married I command, yet not I but the Lord: A wife is not to depart from her husband.

(1Co 7:11 NKJV) But even if she does depart, let her remain unmarried or be reconciled to her husband. And a husband is not to divorce his wife.

Even if I said it was ok to re-marry I cannot reconcile the above verses. This is my problem.

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